Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meghan and Easy try out the new saddle...

We have never had a new enough saddle to have to break it in before LOL it seems to fit Easy really nice.

Had to put the old latigo off of the other saddle on this one, this new one in the pic I have had for awhile, and not used it, but it was way to thick under her knee. I also have come to prefer the neoprene cinchas too, these have held up really well, the brand is Tuffy, by Bighorn saddlery, I like the Pro choice ones too, those will be our next when we need new, brown is hard to find though. I like the brown because it is not such a stark contrast between the color of the cinch and the horses color, all you see is the black when you have a black one, especially on a light colored horse. But that is just a personal pref of mine.

The saddle fitting session turned into a photo op! LOL I got a few good pics of them and got to play with my camera. The burst mode is cool!

Easy usually isnt very photogenic, she is just one of those horses that always looks awkward in pics, but she did good today.

Here you can see how nice and flat the saddle sits behind her shoulder blade, I could slide my hand under the pad and not feel the tree at all, so I think it is good!!! We got lucky with that one, it happened so fast I couldnt research before the trade. The saddle pad has a 1/4 inch of felt on each side with 1/2 inch of neoprene in the middle.

We had a few sun breaks, the wind was blowing and it was cold! The sun sure brought out her red color!
You can still see the spot above her eye where she cut it, its all closed up now but still scabby, and itchy!

She looks great in this picture, I love the color and she is soft in the bridle.

The burst mode was great for catching this.

We have no place around our house that we can take pics with nothing in the background, I tried, and that last one was pretty good.

This is the one place I could have them stand and not have a building in the background, she is so red in some of these.
I love her soft face here, she tends to brace against the bit. I will say that Meghan learned a lot riding that other horse for 4 months, a lot about balance and staying off of her front end.
LOL I just noticed that I talk about the horse a lot, I do think my daughter is pretty cute too LOL

The old mare is doing really good, and has a lot of energy! I was joking with Meghan and said "She's 10 today" you wouldnt know she is 24, until you look at her teeth LOL She was sure full of it!!

Hmmmm looks like we will have to find a matching breastcollar now LOL


  1. I've been drooling over that saddle. It looks to be a good fit for both horse and rider.

  2. Never heard of 'Burst' mode. Very cool! Your pics turned out great. The two of them look wonderful together. Pretty saddle, too. Is that a camo pad? Very unique and fun!

    Like you I like my tack to compliment my horse, too. I prefer everything to be black for my mare, even the cinch....well a white cinch wouldn't stay white for long. lol! :)


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  4. NM It was a good trade, Meghan will get some good use out of it. Its probably the newest saddle we will ever have LOL I dont think my hubby will let us buy any more.

    Lisa, Yes it is a pink camo pad LOL Burst mode on my camera lets me take a lot of pics in a row without letting go of the button, great for action shots, especialy with the delay that digital cameras have. You can catch some shots that you would otherwise miss. LOL the white cinch, ya that would get dirty real fast!

  5. The saddle looks great on her! Those pics are nice. Really shows her coppery red color. I can't wait for a camera with a function like "burst!" Sounds great for action shot, or any shot where you are trying to capture the ears forward!

  6. The saddle looks great! Just have to say -- after reading a rant on another blog just before my trip -- that I'm glad your saddle pad is pink, and not the saddle itself. :o) Seriously, though, it looks nice!

  7. Katharine, ya some of those saddle are soooo bad LOL


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