Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend horse blanket tip

What do you do with these? besides the obvious LOL (like make men squirm) LOL anyway, these are under $3.oo for a package. You can get them at your feed and farm store.

And if you have one of those annoying horse blankets that always come unhooked......
Pardon the really muddy dirty blanket.

Take one of the rings and....

Put it over the female side of the buckle....

and roll it up so you can hook the buckle together, then roll it down against the second side.
Not good for one handed un-hooking but it will keep them from coming undone!

And the dog I left out the other day, Jessie. Our love dog. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She is so gentle, even with babies and toddlers ( she will sneak their food though LOL)
And she just gives hugs, she has to press up against you and say pet me, pet me! all while being very quiet and gentle, silly old girl, she is 8 years old now. Jessie the Golden Retriever. oh that face LOL She always goes out to the barn with us, and has to make sure everything is ok, and beg her cookie from the brother in-law. Then she does her mole hole rounds and checks out the whole place. She is a precious dog, scared of cowboy hats on people and scared of ballons, she wont even come in the same room as a helium ballon, they just freak her out LOL


  1. Ah Hah! That is where I can find more of those little thingys! Great tip! Course if my husband sees me with a bag of those bands he may run away and hide from me!

  2. Great pictures to illustrate what you're talking about! I think you've suggested it to me before, but this shows me more clearly what you were talking about.

    My only question is -- if the blanket gets hung up on something, and the horse NEEDS to get free, will these break to let him go?

  3. Katharine, yes they will break, they are rubber bands basicaly, just a little thicker, and because they are rubber you have to replace them when they get brittle and start splitting.


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