Friday, March 13, 2009

Yak hair.... thwwwffffftttttt LOL

Thwwwffffftttttt..... LOL but at least they are finally shedding !!!!
This is Yak #1.
My nephews pup chewed up the brush handle, there is a new one somewhere around here, but can I find it?? NO last time I seen it, it was used on Luxor, hmmm

The other half of the Yak.
The little brat, I went over to brush Emma before letting the other two out of the pen, and dummy me I just pulled the gates all shut and didnt latch them, well you guessed it she opened the gates and got out, went out front of the barn and wouldnt let me catch her, finally got her cornered behind the barn heh heh, little brat, then I put them out in the field LOL
The 20 yr old acting like a 2 yr old!!

They both need a date with the clippers, time to clip bridle paths and chins, although Emma doesnt have a lot of chin hair, but yak #1 does LOL

Can I help mom? She is always into everything and has to see whats going on. A very touchy feely horse LOL

More yak hair, but not as much as yak #1.

Gotta love that butt!!! This is the clean side LOL

Dont do it!

Dont do it!

Emma, leave it alone!

Brat! right in a pile!

But mom, arent I cute? Ya I forgive you, you stinker LOL
Boy are they all full of it, spooky and jumpy and running and bucking, you would think it was spring!!! yay!!!!


  1. I know, it seems this past week the hair is a-flyin' out! Ironic, since it snowed! Must be the clock change....more daylight? I love the look in Emma's eye. It reminds me of My Boy. It's an Appy thing! ;)

  2. A sure and wonderful sign of spring!

  3. PG yes I think that My Boy and Emma have a lot of traits in common LOL

  4. Hair's a flyin here too. I'm scared to take away their fur coats yet with it still being so cold! I just ordered a Furminator for my nags. I'm usually a curry, brush, curry, brush kind of horse owner, but thought I'de break away from that routine and try something different. I'll let ya know what I think of that new fad curry/rake/ thingy!

  5. I love your Yaks! I've got one, too. And she'd shedding like crazy! Of course it's snowing right now. lol!

    Emma is such a prankster. Her curry bursh antics made me giggle!


  6. The fur is flyin' off that App isn't it! Whew I remember those days. I am absolutely GAGA over an Appaloosa horse, my favorite breed. Thanks for joining my site as a follower at the Wildwood. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  7. Yours have shed out more than mine--but it's coming off fast!! It also snowed here this weekend--must have snowed everywhere! We're getting confusing signals--but the horse's coats say Spring is around the corner. :)

  8. I just got back from vacation, so I still have yet to groom Panama and assess the shedding situation. It's been warm here for a while now, though, so I'm hoping that two weeks of neglect won't mean lots of hair in my mouth when I finally get around to it. :o)


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