Monday, March 16, 2009

Kokanee fishing, Lake Merwin WA

This is the bow ornament LOL Teddy loves to run around the boats when we are cleaning or whatever, I think he just likes to be up high where he is bigger than everyone else. LOL yes there is a junk pile beside the garage LOL the water heater is gone now though!

The First Kokanee trip Hubby and #1 brother in law went by themselves. For those of you that dont know what Kokanee are, they are landlocked salmon. Hubby with one of his fish.

This is the trip where all of us went. This is Bro in law #1's boat.
My cousin Liz telling fish stories LOL

Left to right, Joe, Liz, DeAnn, and Bro # 1

Scenery, it is beautiful up there and there were bald Eagles flying around and in the trees, no good pics of them, my zoom wasnt powerful enough.

Hubby and me, baiting up, you have to fish in 40 to 60 feet of water and troll with corn on the hook, and ford fender flashers above.

This turned out cool with the reflection. The lake is so beautiful deep green. Yes the lakes in Washington are green LOL not blue.

The view down the lake, it did sprinkle on us just a little bit.

I liked this little tree, it was at the entrance to the dock area.
There are a lot of cabins in gated commuities up here around this lake, you cant see them because of all the trees.

And our haul for the day, ours are on the left side, and Bro in laws on the right! we smoked them, and man were they goooooood!!! We smoke all of our trout now, it makes for tasty flesh and you can pull the skin and bones right off, no fighting all those little bones, and did I say they are sooo tasty!!
This trip was a couple years ago, but I love the scenery and the boat pics.
We have to go again this year!!!


  1. What a beautiful spot! WOW!


  2. I am sooo jealous. The scenery and fishing was good but the smoked fish sounds even better. I just LOVE smoked fish. Got to get around to building me a smoker one of these days. I love smoked cheese too, if you've never had it, try using New York Extra Sharp Cheddar, delish!!!


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