Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Funny......Teenagers LOL

Teenagers, LOL Here comes Meghan
"Moms taking pictures again"
At first she didnt want her picture taken, how about that look LOL

Then she tried to hide, where was she going to go?

Then the ham comes out LOL like I said TEENAGERS LOL

This is the interior of our circa 1978 11 1/2ft camper. It needs a lot of TLC now, we have had it for geez probably 15 years, everything works in it but the wood is rotting in the back end and the jacks need the mounts rebuilt or it wont go back on another truck, we almost ripped them off putting it on this time, dang it, sooooo we are leaving it on the truck for the next few months until WAHSET is over, then we will see, I dont know if I will get him to rebuild it again, 12 years ago we rebuilt the whole front end and sides, at that time the back was fine, but in our wonderful Washington wet weather and we dont have a shop big enough to put it in, it suffers decay :( It has been a great camper, I just wish we could afford a newer one!! Yes it is still the original orange and gold and green '70s upholstery! I need to replace some curtains there is a big hole in that one by the door. It is so heavy, the newer ones are so much lighter.
The big pink bucket on the table is Meghans breakfast LOL not LOL it is Easys beet pulp soaking, it soaks a lot faster if it has hot water in it. We were having clam chowder and cheddar Sun Chips, and there is the strap to my camera bag and my phone and the horse newsprint magazine we grabbed at the store when we gassed up.


  1. WOW I can't immagine camping around here this time of year!

  2. YA its cold! We have a cat heater that I run during the day when we are in there, and this year we took our electric blankets! LOL that was cool, uh I mean warm LOL we have power all we want so why not! I will not run the cat heater when we sleep, they eat up oxygen, as they burn propane. It is nice during the day though! and heats up quickly. The electric heater I brought kept tripping the campers breaker so I couldnt use it. It is one of those little oil filled heaters, they do a good job too.

    And now the news is saying we may get snow again!! we have had more snow this year than in the last 20 years!

    I bet it is a lot colder up there!


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