Friday, January 25, 2013

New Etsy listings

Five new Esty listings,

Check it out, I have a few more offering on, since last time I posted about it.

Ginger cat   six inch memo clip. I think my cats are turning out cute!  I do hand cut out the faces.

This a a really large 9 7/8 wide x 10 7/8 tall ornament

 front              Grey striped tabby cat. Six inch memo clip.
 front     Tuxedo cat!

I have taken a few hours!! to retake photos and post the new photos, I think things look better!
Now if I can get some more sales! I have decided to go back to school and need to make the tuition for the online classes I want to take!!!  Sorry for the shameless plug! :O)
Here is the link to my shop   It is also at the top right of my page!  I do Christmas year around!! Its fun and uplifting to me.

Children will remember....

I dont write, many of you write beautiful things, poetry, books, etc.
My cousins wife posted this on facebook, I followed the link to the whole poem? 
It is so true!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. All of you who have raised kids, and are lucky enough to have grand kids, and especially new parents, remember this. I sure do plan on it with my grand kids, if I ever get any!! (hint hint, to my kids! LOL)
Children Will Remember
As parents, we spend our lives trying to be good enough.  Trying to keep up.  We worry that we’ve failed.  We worry that we’ve screwed up our kids to the point of no return because somehow we’ve not been good enough…as parents.  But let me explain something.
Our children will not remember their childhood the way we think they will.
They won’t remember if your hair was doing that ‘woohoo’ thing at their Christmas concert.  They will remember that when they entered the gym, their eyes scanned the bleachers and locked with yours.
They won’t notice if they found their cereal bowl in the cupboard or in the dishwasher or even if they had to wash it themselves once in a while.  They will remember that on Sundays, you made happy face pancakes.
They won’t have a clue that one Christmas you were flat broke and they got fewer toys.  They will remember that you made them a quilt out of old t-shirts and they will use it to swaddle their own children.
They will not remember that you cleaned and scrubbed while they were playing outside.  They will remember that once you knelt in the dirt pile and vroomed Hotwheels with them all afternoon.
They will not see the holes in their jeans, care about mismatched socks, or remember what brand of purse you carried.  They will remember the smell of daddy’s t-shirt he let them wear to bed…long after he’s gone.
They won’t remember going to the theater with friends.  They will remember being pressed against your thigh on the couch, watching a movie, one hand in the popcorn bowl.
They won’t remember that you didn’t hike as fast as they did.  They will remember that you climbed to the top of the steepest mountain, just to show them the view.
They will never recall the smell of the fancy dinners you prepared on the holidays.  They will remember  every single hotdog they cooked over an open fire and the way you knew they didn’t like mustard.
They won’t care if their bed was never made or that the blanket didn’t match their curtains.  They will remember the way it felt when you tucked the blankets around them and called them a burrito baby.
They will not care what you looked like in a swim suit.  They will remember that you went on the field trip to the pool anyway and were the one parent who didn’t sit to the side and watch.
They will not have lifelong damage from mud overdose.  They will remember the way the ooze felt between their toes and the look on your face when you found them…and joined in.
SO step away from the dishes.  Leave that pile of laundry on the couch, forget about homework once in a while.  Unclench your jaw and relax.  That’s what I’m going to try to do.
Because when I am old and I am gray, and I cannot do the things that I can do today…my children will not remember that my dishes were foul.  My children will remember that I could run…I could whoop…and I could howl.

I followed the original link, here:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

I havnt posted in awhile. Not doing a whole lot, except trying to keep warm!!!
This pup in John (the one on the left) we are puppy sitting him while his people are in wonderful WARM Hawaii! The first night we had him, this was how the boys ended up, in Dads lap!  Lapradores all of them!! 
 He is a busy busy boy! John is 18 mo. old. He likes to chew a lot!
 He couldnt quite figure out the pink monkey! LOL I ended up having to take the stuffies all away because he shook one until all the stuffing exploded out of it! Good excuse to take them all and throw them in the wash.
 He has a dinosaur to chew on.
 ....and a yellow ring, and every other chew toy he could find! He spent a lot of time with his head in the toy box (yes my dogs have a toy box :O).

 And finally still....for a few minutes! I will say he has a lot more energy than our dogs! I took him to the Mall and we walked for about 45 min. he was great! John is a Guide Dogs For The Blind, career changed dog. Due to some medical problems he had as a pup. He is good now! His owner had him certified as her own Service Dog, to help her with some balance and vertigo problems she has been having.

It has been interesting having three pups in the house! Taking two outside on retractable leashes, at the same time, can be a challenge!  Dublin he goes out and comes in on his own!
Max seems to like John, hasnt been to grumpy with him.

I have to say its really weird to have a dog in the house named "John" as our oldest son is John. 

At times I have to really look, although John is a little larger than Dublin, they look so similar! 

Here is a little Dublin and Max for you! I love my boys!

The End!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Remembering Summer....

Oh the warm days of Summer....
I finally dug my Dahlias up today. Boy! are the tubers huge! I am so happy none of them are rotten, which is the problem we have up here in the NW. Sometimes they freeze, but we can go 3-5 years sometimes before it freezes hard enough to kill them.

I have my favorite blooms, but I love them all!!

And this is what they look like naked!! LOL I didnt tag them, there are two that I know what they are. When I replant it will all be a surprise when they bloom again! More fun in it that way!  The two big ones
On the upper right are what happens when you dont dig them every year! They are huge I would guess 14-16 inches in diameter! for the whole tuber ball! They were absolutely huge plants! The one second from the top on the right, is the burgundy and white striped one in the above pictures. The one that I left out on the far right at the bottom, is my Jokers Wild, that I only got 3-4 blooms off of. The tubers are much bigger than the start I bought last year so I am hoping that it will be much much bigger this year!

I will let them dry for a few days, then I will separate the healthy tubers and pack them in pine shavings, I will probably put them in old feed sacks. I successfully did that a few years ago! Oh man oh man am I going to have a lot of starts!! I will probably put them back in the ground in April or May, but here, that depends on if the ground dries out enough to till it up! I could plant as late as June if it rains like it did in 2012!  Cant wait for Spring and Summer again so I can enjoy these beautiful blooms.