Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Remembering Summer....

Oh the warm days of Summer....
I finally dug my Dahlias up today. Boy! are the tubers huge! I am so happy none of them are rotten, which is the problem we have up here in the NW. Sometimes they freeze, but we can go 3-5 years sometimes before it freezes hard enough to kill them.

I have my favorite blooms, but I love them all!!

And this is what they look like naked!! LOL I didnt tag them, there are two that I know what they are. When I replant it will all be a surprise when they bloom again! More fun in it that way!  The two big ones
On the upper right are what happens when you dont dig them every year! They are huge I would guess 14-16 inches in diameter! for the whole tuber ball! They were absolutely huge plants! The one second from the top on the right, is the burgundy and white striped one in the above pictures. The one that I left out on the far right at the bottom, is my Jokers Wild, that I only got 3-4 blooms off of. The tubers are much bigger than the start I bought last year so I am hoping that it will be much much bigger this year!

I will let them dry for a few days, then I will separate the healthy tubers and pack them in pine shavings, I will probably put them in old feed sacks. I successfully did that a few years ago! Oh man oh man am I going to have a lot of starts!! I will probably put them back in the ground in April or May, but here, that depends on if the ground dries out enough to till it up! I could plant as late as June if it rains like it did in 2012!  Cant wait for Spring and Summer again so I can enjoy these beautiful blooms.


  1. thanks for the memories! LOL I could almost smell the flowers

  2. My Grandmother raised Dahlias, I wished I had! Those are quite beautiful!

    I tried one year but didn't realize I was supposed to dig the bulbs up.


  3. Fernvalley, alas Dahlias really dont have much smell LOL Which is another reason I like them. What they do have reminds me of dandylion! LOL

  4. Val, Do try them again! They should do fine up at your altitude! They were discovered in the mountains of Mexico at 6-7 thousand feet! Yes you do have to dig them, and most likely it did freeze where you are! LOL

  5. they are beautiful absolutely stunning i LOVE flowers and all the bright colours so very pretty,

  6. Thank you so much!! I needed this. It is so boggy out there in the patures and even the blackberry bushes look sad. I guess summer really does exist.


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