Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

I havnt posted in awhile. Not doing a whole lot, except trying to keep warm!!!
This pup in John (the one on the left) we are puppy sitting him while his people are in wonderful WARM Hawaii! The first night we had him, this was how the boys ended up, in Dads lap!  Lapradores all of them!! 
 He is a busy busy boy! John is 18 mo. old. He likes to chew a lot!
 He couldnt quite figure out the pink monkey! LOL I ended up having to take the stuffies all away because he shook one until all the stuffing exploded out of it! Good excuse to take them all and throw them in the wash.
 He has a dinosaur to chew on.
 ....and a yellow ring, and every other chew toy he could find! He spent a lot of time with his head in the toy box (yes my dogs have a toy box :O).

 And finally still....for a few minutes! I will say he has a lot more energy than our dogs! I took him to the Mall and we walked for about 45 min. he was great! John is a Guide Dogs For The Blind, career changed dog. Due to some medical problems he had as a pup. He is good now! His owner had him certified as her own Service Dog, to help her with some balance and vertigo problems she has been having.

It has been interesting having three pups in the house! Taking two outside on retractable leashes, at the same time, can be a challenge!  Dublin he goes out and comes in on his own!
Max seems to like John, hasnt been to grumpy with him.

I have to say its really weird to have a dog in the house named "John" as our oldest son is John. 

At times I have to really look, although John is a little larger than Dublin, they look so similar! 

Here is a little Dublin and Max for you! I love my boys!

The End!


  1. We have Lapradors too! Don't all dogs have toy boxes? I thought that was normal.
    Cute cute post.

  2. Awww the pictures are soo cute! Sounds like you are having plenty of dog fun, you gotta love out four legged friends :)

  3. Well aren't they all adorable!
    My dogs and cats have toy boxes too. I don't even know why I bother putting their toys away. They just pull them out every day! They are all toy crazy.

  4. those are great pics, love dogs they do keep us young and bring joy


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