Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday and corporate logos

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Our, almost, every Saturday morning trip LOL if its summer or good sales we garage sale too!
I dont drink coffee, So I usually get a Tall, Soy Chai Tea Latte. LOL
Hubby gets a Vente Peppermint Moca,
and Megs gets a Peppermint Moca too.
I tried a long time ago to drink coffe, but it tastes horrible to me! I put everything under the sun into it too! couldnt make it taste any better.
Dublin loves going into Starbucks too! And they dont mind at all, we always get folks asking about him.

I had to add this sign. It will soon be gone. Hubby and I went here a lot when we dated 21 years ago!
This restaurant was closed for 15 years and opened up again for 2-3 years and folded again. They keep trying to put a fancy expensive restaurant here, it is not a fit. It has sold again, the new one will be called something like the Black Pearl on the Columbia, another 4-5 star restaurant, I can tell them right now it wont fly, sad. We need something like McMenimens, upscale burgers, fries, and other stuff, beer, and good prices! (google McMenimens, it is a really cool comapany with lots of location here in the NW, eclectic art and hand painted decoration, in most locations. Our favorite Edgefields, is in an old Poor farm, has a hostel, winery, brewery, and rose garden, and smoking shack for the cigar crowd, also a 5 star restaurant in addition to the regular restaurant, cool history, and according to Hubby good beer too! I dont drink beer either LOL)

This isnt a company logo, just a dead company.
You cant quite read the Parker House sign.
So with the new owners, this old building, built in 1950, having structural problems, will be torn down in the next couple of months. I am glad something new is going in, and I do hope that they make a go of it! This little town needs it! There is now a hotel across the parking lot from this location too. To the right, west, is the Marina, it is an awesome location! In High School we had Proms here too.  So say goodbye to this old building with lots of history in this comunity. Just not so much in the last 20 years.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday funny....

I know this isnt an approved toy for Guide Dogs. Dublin had so much fun playing with it, and we were laughing so hard, it was hard to make him stop!
I will tell you, he deffinately is NOT afraid of balloons! LOL LOL
We went to Home Depot the other day and when we were walking up front a balloon popped and he didnt even react!
But he really is a light hearted silly little soul LOL LOL....

He was so funny, the string had a large 4" diameter plastic disk as a weight, and that is what he carried around, and around and around LOL
This little dog has a good mind and not much fazes him. He stops playing with things when we tell him to, you can put your hand in his food dish and he does not care. I love his personality, he will make a good seeing eye dog. Or if he doesnt make it, he will be a much loved pet! Maybe some therepy work? hmmm we will have to wait and see.
But for the meantime he can still be a goofball puppy once and awhile LOL

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday stills....Landscapes

I deciced to use some shots from my walk on Thursday, for this challenge....

Fort Vancouver

Gateway to a grassy lane and Fort Vancouver and Pearson Airfield in the background. There are a lot of wild roses along the right here.

And one of my favorite pictures I took that day, the West tower of Fort Vancouver.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Take a walk with the puppies, part 2....

A walk with the puppies, Dublin and I took up the tail end, because I was taking pictures, plus I am slow LOL I am sore and stiff today from the walk!
This is the view West from that viewing platform.
The view East, up river, you can see the corner of the platform.
And back to the land bridge, this is the south side, it really is a neat place. To the left of the wall is
Hwy 14.

This fence along the trail is cool, the organic shapes, instead of straight iron bars.
There are big photo graphs along the wall with historical information.
All of the seating areas had Native American Tribe names, all around the outside, and the petroglyphs in the center. The shadow is really cool with the glyphs showing. I bet you could get some neat photos at different times of the day.
One of the seating areas, there are two covered ones and one that is not.
A close up of the inside, it had the cut our glyph and a small orange painted one, there wasnt anything I seen that explained the glyphs, I would like to go back for a slower stroll and see if there is more info.

This area is directly across the Columbia River from the Portland Airport. Lots of planes were landing and taking off in the time we were there.
Back on the North side, the seating area on the right is the one that isnt covered, it had all the tribe names around the outside.

A neat tribute to the Native Americans.
The trail back to where we were parked, me and Dublin way in the back LOL they did wait for us up around the corner.
A few years back I remember visiting a period costume campout in this area, I think they do it every Summer.
The rain held off while we were walking! It was because I carried my umbrella, had to be, LOL LOL We could see this storm coming down the Gorge though on our way back. Ft. Vancouver on the left and Pearson Airport on the right.
Shadow pic LOL, Dublin and me.

Wildflowers along the fence.
And on the way back, one of the club members was looking for a Geocache on our walk, and found it on the way back. There were all kinds of trinkets inside the box. She said she has found 800 and some, Geocaches. I want to start doing this, Hubby bought the Caching ap for his IPhone, LOL. You can take and item if you put something back in, sometimes there are items that you can take that need to go to another cache, and travel all over the world that way. Go and google Geocache, its a whole world of its own!! and looks like great fun.
This photo looks like a postcard to me, the west tower of Fort Vancouver.
And Pearson Air field, I took this as I was pulling out to head home.
That was our walk over the Land Bridge, pretty cool huh!
Here is a link to the website about the bridge, neat pics too!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take a walk with the puppies....

The puppy club met to do an outing tonight, in Vancouver, Wa.
We were able to have a really nice walk with no rain! It has been pouring at our house all day!( it poured on my way home and after too!)

The start of the path, that is the recreated Fort Vancouver in the background.
We started at the end of the pack so I could take pictures.
Here we start up the land bridge.  It goes over the highway, to connect the Ft. Vancouver park with the waterfront.

There are several of these seating areas along the way with the Native American petroglyphs cut into these metal plates.
There are information places all around the edge. I love these repro petroglyphs.
My shadow looks like I have a tail LOL, Dublins tail.
Of course Dublin has to pose on the bench!
At the end of the Bridge there was a big puddle, so everyone was practicing walking the puppies through the water, they cant be afraid of puddles or hop or go around them, Dublin walked righr through.
This if looking back up the bridge from where I was standing in the previous picture. The theme along this whole walk is Native American, and beautifully done.
Then left under the train tracks, across a road, and through a parking lot to the Columbia River.
The Interstate 5, bridge, between Washington and Oregon.

This is an observation deck beside the river.

I will post the rest tomorrow, blogger is running slow and I keep having to move all the pics LOL,
Until tomorrow....