Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farm Dog....

Ha ha, I will make that silly Labrador into a farm dog yet! LOL LOL Dublin helped us unload hay for the horses yesterday! Not that he was a lot of help, but he enjoyed himself!


  1. He looks like a good farm dog :)

  2. Yes you will!
    Our stables Golden Lab( Roxi) is soo smart..I just love her to pieces.
    She started to go out on rides with us...and is so good too...stays behind, not too close and also moves over if she is in front and you come up.
    Go Dublin!

  3. Unfortunatly I cant make him into a real farm dog,(as much as I would like to keep him :0)) I believe he is destined to be someones seeing eye dog, he is to good not to!

    He just watches the horses, hasnt come close to them, I cant take the risk that he might get hurt.

  4. And enjoying oneself is what's important, right? Good for Dublin!

  5. We all have our special talents and place in life.....Dublin will find his place.

    He sure is a beautiful animal!


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