Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday funny....

I know this isnt an approved toy for Guide Dogs. Dublin had so much fun playing with it, and we were laughing so hard, it was hard to make him stop!
I will tell you, he deffinately is NOT afraid of balloons! LOL LOL
We went to Home Depot the other day and when we were walking up front a balloon popped and he didnt even react!
But he really is a light hearted silly little soul LOL LOL....

He was so funny, the string had a large 4" diameter plastic disk as a weight, and that is what he carried around, and around and around LOL
This little dog has a good mind and not much fazes him. He stops playing with things when we tell him to, you can put your hand in his food dish and he does not care. I love his personality, he will make a good seeing eye dog. Or if he doesnt make it, he will be a much loved pet! Maybe some therepy work? hmmm we will have to wait and see.
But for the meantime he can still be a goofball puppy once and awhile LOL


  1. lol! Looks like he's saying, "It's my party and I can play if I want to!"

    Too cute!


  2. He looks like he's having the time of his life. That brings back memories. I remember going to somebody's house and them trying to entertain us by tossing balloons in the air while their dog jumped up, bit and popped the balloons in mid-air. As a small child, the noise terrified me, and I ran outside to get away from it. I also remember some parents having contests at their children's birthday parties in which everyone had to sit on and pop balloons. The person who popped the most won. After a couple of those parties, I refused to go to anymore birthday parties unless my mother could get the parents to promise that their wouldn't be any balloon popping.

  3. he just wanted to be the star of the party!

    I love puppies, not so much a fan of the grown up dog that stilla cts like a puppy :) I have two of those !

  4. HAHA! Dublin has quite the character!!!
    I just watched a program on Fostering Guide dogs...that is going to be difficult give him up! Will you get another and do it again?

    The EASY WALKER Sports Horseshoes are supposed to last for more than one fitting...I am pretty hard on things, so we shall see. I am taking photo's of each weeks wear. Sydney- her blog here...
    She is the one that has turned me onto them...she uses them to drive in and gets up to 3 "refits" out of them.

    I am riding very large stoney roads..and have quite a bit of wear already...I will be surprised if the Farrier dude wants to refit her with these. We'll see.
    If I buy them myself I will save a lot...he marks them up to $35 a pair...then shoes for $60.
    It is actually CHEAPER than what my BO pays for normal steel shoes and application(over $120.00)...and so much better, even if I can't use this pair again!

  5. Allhorsestuff, I went to thier websight and they list at under $30 a pair, if you got more than one set out of them it wouldnt be to bad! I will have to ask my farrier about them.
    And yes we will probably get another puppy and raise one again, Dublin is our second. It is very fulfilling and it gets me out and about doing something!

    Nuzzmuzz, Dublin ended up popping all of the balloons! LOL they were low enough in pressure that they didnt pop to loudly LOL He was disapointed when they were all gone! I still cant believe he wasnt afraid of them at all! He is an amazing little dog. Our old Golden was terrified of balloons!


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