Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take a walk with the puppies....

The puppy club met to do an outing tonight, in Vancouver, Wa.
We were able to have a really nice walk with no rain! It has been pouring at our house all day!( it poured on my way home and after too!)

The start of the path, that is the recreated Fort Vancouver in the background.
We started at the end of the pack so I could take pictures.
Here we start up the land bridge.  It goes over the highway, to connect the Ft. Vancouver park with the waterfront.

There are several of these seating areas along the way with the Native American petroglyphs cut into these metal plates.
There are information places all around the edge. I love these repro petroglyphs.
My shadow looks like I have a tail LOL, Dublins tail.
Of course Dublin has to pose on the bench!
At the end of the Bridge there was a big puddle, so everyone was practicing walking the puppies through the water, they cant be afraid of puddles or hop or go around them, Dublin walked righr through.
This if looking back up the bridge from where I was standing in the previous picture. The theme along this whole walk is Native American, and beautifully done.
Then left under the train tracks, across a road, and through a parking lot to the Columbia River.
The Interstate 5, bridge, between Washington and Oregon.

This is an observation deck beside the river.

I will post the rest tomorrow, blogger is running slow and I keep having to move all the pics LOL,
Until tomorrow....


  1. What a beautiful and neat area. Glad you had some dry weather for it :).

  2. What a great place to take a walk and do some doggie training.


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