Friday, May 7, 2010

Gratuitous cute puppy pictures!

Look at those eyes! This is little Luna, she is so pretty/cute!
Dublin getting put through his paces by a new young woman who wants to raise a puppy. He was a brat LOL, until I told her to be more authoritative with him and then he started to settle down. The dogs in this picture, left to right, Hecter he is a career change who is 6 years old, Luna, Dublin, and Jana.
A rainbow if puppies! Dublin, Josh and Jana. Dublin and Josh came on the puppy truck together at the same time. Josh is one day older than Dublin, their Birthdays are the 10th and 11th of July. I learned at our meeting last night that Dublin and Josh will most likely go into formal training in October. Jana goes in June. (Guide Dogs does not breed chocolate Labs, something about being more high strung, or not purebred, there are rumors there may be some Pitbull in chocolates, I really dont know for sure why.)Ally provided a really good reason in her comment as to why GDB doesnt have chocolet Labs.
Dublin under the table at IHOP this morning, Meghan and I had brunch with some old freinds.
I didnt have any problem taking him in the restaurant, and he behaved perfectly! He just slept under the table the whole time, very quiet! We also went to Fred Meyer store, twice, once to pick up Meghans paycheck and then to shop after we ate.
Dublin was so good!!!
LOL Dublin sacked out after our long day about town, he sleeps in the funnyiest positions LOL


  1. I believe the reason GDB doesn't use Chocolate labs (most organizations don't have many chocolate labs) is because the chocolate gene is actually a mutation of sorts and has other issues involved with it. I think it's just easier to use yellow and black labs. No pitbulls that I've ever heard of in lab lines though as I believe labs as a breed are a lot older than pit bulls and chocolate is just a different combination of the genes. One of GDB's breeders did throw some chocolate tinted black labs awhile ago and she's been bred again.

  2. Thanks Ally, that makes good sense. You hear all kinds of enuedos and rumors LOL


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