Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday stills....Landscapes

I deciced to use some shots from my walk on Thursday, for this challenge....

Fort Vancouver

Gateway to a grassy lane and Fort Vancouver and Pearson Airfield in the background. There are a lot of wild roses along the right here.

And one of my favorite pictures I took that day, the West tower of Fort Vancouver.

For more Sunday Stills take the link!


  1. Oh it's totally too bad I didn't get any shots of the scenery during our trail ride this morning. Pictures like that would have been perfect for this challenge!

    Love your photos... The last two are especially well set up!

  2. Ooooh! Those last two photos are gorgeous!


  3. I really like that last one. The clouds and the light make it very interesting.

  4. Just catching up here .You take some of the prettiest pictures!

  5. Thanks everyone! I have found that I really like taking pictures! Digital cameras make it so easy now. I told my Hubby yesterday that I have my eye on that new Olympus Pen LOL LOL

  6. ah, you just put a name on one of my vivid childhood memories - we visited there when i was like 10. i will never forget that fence. and now i know what it was!



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