Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little excitement in the neighborhood!!!!

As I headed out to feed this morning, a little late, I spotted the neighbors house on fire! Then I heard the firetrucks coming. There was a huge black cloud, wow, it was a large house too. Of course I didnt grab my camera right away and get the really big flames.
I heard this helicopter outside so I figured I better get out there and get some pics!

This was as bothered by the huge fire and all the firetrucks, sirens and helicopter, that my girls got LOL I love my horses.

Sara called because she had already seen it on our local newspapers website!! And she is in Texas LOL!!

You can still see flames licking in the window.

There is another house on the property behind the firetruck, no other buildings were caught in the flames. This house is beside the other one, seperated by a couple hundred feet.

The people in the foreground are, the neighbor that was driving by and called 911, and the owner of the property. He does not live in this house, his son does, it is the neighboring piece of property. No one human or animal was inside the structure.

I still cracks me up that my horses are not distrubed much by the helicopter flying 200 feet, or so, above their heads and the fire and all the people next door, I love my stock horses LOL! Breakfast was much more important!

This is without the zoom, the house is only about a 150 yards behind my barn.

This was two story on the left and another one story section on the right.

The helicopter had no markings on it so we werent able to tell which news channel it will be on tonight.
So that was our excitement for the day!! LOL I am sorry for the property owner, at least no one was hurt.
I found it on our local news channel 2 portland Or, if anyone wants to see the aerial video. Washougal house fire, in the search window.


  1. Too bad ! Glad no one was hurt stuff is replaceable people aren't .

  2. I'm so sorry for the property owner. It's a terrible feeling to watch someone's house burn down... happened in our neighborhood last summer. :(

  3. How scary! I'm glad no one was hurt. There was a barn fire in Denver a couple of days ago and 12 horses died! I have a link to the story on my blog. The police think it's arson!

  4. That is pretty scary!! Thank goodness no one was hurt. One of my worst fears is my house burning down. I just couldn't even imagine!

  5. What a bummer about the neighbors house. I'm so happy to hear that no human or animal was injured or killed :).

    Your horses are so funny! I hope they don't spook over the little things - now they have no excuse!

  6. Glad noone was hurt. Also good that it didn't cause any grass fires that could have traveled to your barn. Good horses, too. :)



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