Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy day....

Dublin and I had a busy day today. Our neighboring little town has a Mothers Day plant and Garden Fair every year. I called Mom this morning and asked her to meet me down there to go walk around the Garden Fair. OMG there were so many people!!! I couldnt even take many pictures because I was worried about negotiating Dublin through all the crowds, and people with their dogs. Why cant people keep their dogs under control on leash, sheesh, there was a couple times I had to tell people, please, he is a guide dog, and they are like, oh, then pull their dogs away. The little dogs are the worst, but there was a big Wiemeraner that we kept running into that the owner wouldnt control, it was just allowed to do whatever it wanted at the end of it 6 ft leash in the circle around its owner, I guess I can be glad it was on a leash. All  I can say is, Keep in mind, other people dont love your kids, or your animals as much as you do, ((sigh)) and when they are misbehaving, they like them even less. So thats my rant for the day lol. Now to pictures :0)
Dublin in front of some Lilacs. He was a pretty tired out pup!

Can you just see his "Mom, do I have to look" LOL
I wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was a little stressed out by all the people, this is the first nice, nice day we have had this Spring, and everyone on and there Mother went to the Plant fair today! LOL we had to walk about 4 blocks to get to the down town area, they close off the main street in town for special events like this. We did have fun though. I didnt find anything I couldnt live without, Mom bought a couple of things. Mom took her dog Tia, a 10 year old Cattle Dog, and I didnt even get a pic of them, dang it.
I met Mom and  Tia at 10am this morning, next Dublin and I had to be in Vancouver at 1pm to meet and greet people with the Evergreen Lions Club, for White Cane day. This Lions chapter is great and the club volunteers with them a lot. 4th of July the Puppy club will volunteer and help them out with their Fireworks booth, in exchange they share some of the proceeds with the Puppy club.
Dublin and Dalston saying Hi.

Dublin looking handsome as always!
While we were with the Lions group we did have a guy make a donation just because Dublin looked just like his dog at home! LOL

Handsome Dalston.
 We were in the shade here, but it was still really bright! I should have adjusted my camera.

Dublin and I in front of the booth, he is such a ham for the camera. White Cane day is to promote sight awareness, and what better to help promote that than seeing eye dogs!?
Dublin and Jana, she was our relief for the afternoon, we did one hour shifts, it was fun talking to people, the dogs always get a lot of attention. In bright light the black Labs take better pics LOL visa versa for the yellows.
That was our day out today, went home and watched the NASCAR race and I got a really great surprise in the mail, from my middle daughter Sara. She really surprised me good! LOL I was telling her about ETSY, the artists EBAY, and told her I really liked this....

I love love love this Celtic design! I have decided if I ever get a tatoo, this is what I want! The three horses and the Celtic knots. It came in this really cute Celtic knot bag too, it is fairly large too I was surprised, it is so cool, the tag said it is lead free, silver pewter.
Thank you so much Sara, I love you, you are such a sweetheart! You really got Mom this time LOL!
Mothers Day tomorrow, all you Moms out there have a wonderful day! A little birdie told me we may be going to breakfast!


  1. That is so beautiful! I love it.

    And Dublin is getting so big!!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Dublin is definitely one handsome boy. And what a wonderful daughter you have. :)


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