Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is what is left of the house the burnt yesturday morning, as of @7:00pm last night. There was no insurance on the structure. I heard that the man that lives there got some pretty good burns and singed his hair, trying to put out the fire with a garden hose. He disappeared when the firetrucks showed up, last I heard they were still looking for him to ask him about what happened, he has a long history with the law. To bad for his parents that own the property.


  1. Glad your property and critters were okay!

  2. How awful!

    When we lived in South Carolina, the house directly across the street from us caught on fire at 3am. We woke up to seeing the color of red flickering on our walls and loud explosions (from the water heater exploding). We watched out our window just as the Mother and her sons escaped out the front door, but their dogs werent so lucky :(
    They lost everything and we were amazed at how fast the fire consumed everything...even their cars that were parked in front of the garage. The fire even singed and melted the vinyl siding of the next door neighbor's house.

    For 6 months after the house burned down, we were forced to see the charred skeleton of the burnt house anytime we looked out our windows. Pieces of burned paper blew into our front yard and the smell of charred food and garbage stunk up the air outside for weeks.

    And this happened while our house was on the market, too. Needless to say noone made any offers on our house until the insurance company finally agreed to tear the house down and rebuild.

    I hope the burnt house won't impact your lives the same way it did ours. It really struck us at how fragile life can be and how quickly bad things can happen.


  3. Hey Lisa,
    No the fire wont impact us much. we are on 3.4 acres and the house is on 5 acres behind us, unless you know its there, sadly no one would even notice now. Rumor is that the house was built without the proper permits and inspections, soooo, it was probably inevitable that something like this could happen. The neighbors here in this area are pretty far apart. The owners had no insurance on the house, dont know their plans on what to do with it.


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