Sunday, November 18, 2012

Been busy

I have been busy finishing up my last minute projects, getting ready for my big bazaar day!
The night before, Fri., we went to the Turkey Carnival at our local Fire Station. Alas we did not win a turkey this year, although many folks did! We will try again next year. They sell a cup of chips for $10, 20 chips. There was roulette, craps, and bingo to play to win prizes donated by local businesses, or a frozen turkey!! We tried but didnt win anything! LOL It is all for a good cause, these guys have saved my life!!
 Hubby while we were playing bingo, boy was it packed!!!
 The games went really fast!

Saturday we got up at 5:30 am, showered and left home at 7:20 am. Got to the High School and packed all my stuff in and set up!! Here is my booth! Did OK, would have liked to sell more, but dont we all want that! LOL My booth was packed, I could have used two tables!!  Hubby stayed and helped me all day! He even ran home to let the dogs out, and came back.
 I took these pics with my Iphone so they are dark, there were carolers from the school choir, dressed in period costume! Long dresses, hats and tails for the men. They were beautiful to listen to.
So now a short breather. Meg and I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. About 6 weeks ago my Mom had to have emergency heart surgery, she had an aortic aneurysm. Not fun, they caught it just in time and she is not slowly recovering!!
Meghan is coming over the day before to help me start the cooking, we are going to do most of the baking, then she is coming early on Thanksgiving to help too!! Buying the fresh turkey on Monday and a few other things and we will be ready!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Stills

I am still reading! Although not posting that often!!
I have a wonderful picture for the "Yellow" Assignment!

Two perfect Maple leaves on the forest floor.


Proud of my two older kids on this Veterans Day.

I want to thank my Son John, and my Daughter Sara, for serving in the Air Force.
Sara was in for 5 1/4(correction) years, working as a weather forecaster. During tech school she went through hurricane Katrina, we didnt hear from her for 5 days!!
John is still serving, he has been in for 6 1/2 years, he is in Maryland. He has until March to decide if he will re-enlist. He just recently made Staff Sargent (E5)  in rank. (Correction!!) (Thanks to my wonderful Daughter!)

Both of them have served one tour in Iraq.

Seems like an eternity since these pictures were taken.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So sad!

So sad!
In all the years I have had a bird net over my pond, I have never caught any birds (only the occasional Starling that has gotten under it)
When I took the dogs out, Max showed me about a dozen juvenile Gold Finches that were caught in the net!!!!
I spent the next 20 minutes cutting the little tiny things out of the net carefully making sure there was none left around their necks.
Lost 4-5 of them, ones already dead, I killed one trying to pull the net off of it! I ran in and got scissors after that and lost no more.  They are so tiny!!!
I dont know why they were in the net! or if they went under on the side where it was open about 6 inches? I fixed that now.
I hope it doesnt happen again!

The little birds that died in the net didnt go to waste.
This guy found them and made them breakfast!

I believe it is a small Red Tailed Hawk. According to my birder friend, this is most likely a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  Cool!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birds around the place....

A Thrush was busy looking under leaves for worms.
 I tried to catch him in the apple tree, he was eating the apples left on the tree. A Stellers Jay.
 Lots of busy, busy Robins.
And this isnt a bird, but he has the funniest sleepy faces! LOL Had to share!
Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

RV'in and mushroomin!

My cousin Liz, after she sold us the travel trailer, got a Pay-it-forward motor home! LOL Yes she got if free, from her boss, with the stipulation that when she is done with it, she give it to someone else. She is and oldie! Circa 1976, but in really good shape, it is a tank! but runs good!

LOL She is so happy with it! LOL Trying to do" YMCA" letters for RV'in! LOL
 On the road to go find some Chantrelle mushrooms.
 We drove through the Government Mineral springs, because Liz and Deann have never been there.
It is so beautiful up there. I love it!
 The girls exploring!
 A trail head marker, alas these are for foot traffic only, no horses.
 Liz and Deanne in front of their new rolling house!

 I have blogged about these little cabins before, they are so cute and you can rent them from the Forest Service.
 It was vacant, so they had to go and peek in the windows!
 Closeup of the sign out front.
 At our first place we wanted to mushroom hunt, the mushrooms were not poking there little heads up yet! But I did get a pic of an elusive mushroom hunter! LOL LOL
We walked down to the Wind River, after we didnt find any mushrooms. I spotted these perfect Maple leaves.
 The river.
 Love the sound of the rushing waters.
 A Woodpecker stump.
 We finally found a few mushrooms at our second and third stops. I forgot to take pics of one in the ground!
Then on the way home we stopped here to eat!
 This modest little restaurant, has the best food!!!
 Hubby and Liz.
 On the way home I spotted this cloud. It looked like it was on fire! This is in the Columbia Gorge! Near Bonneville Dam.
 Beacon Rock.
 Beacon Rock can be rock climbed on this side, they have to suspend climbers during the mating and chick raising season of the Peregrin Falcons. The Falcons dive bomb people and make it very dangerous. There is a walk way all the way to the top on the other side. Beacon Rock is a cinder cone, a plug out of a volcano.
 View out the rear view mirror, why? Just because! LOL
 They are widening and straightening the highway here! Will be a big change, and make a much safer corner here!
 The road is moving to the right and will have a much gentler curve.
 And the view coming into our little town on the way home. The smoke plumes are the Mill where Hubby works.
Here are the Chantrelles we found after all our searching!! Liz and Deann found most of them.

It was a great day!!