Saturday, November 10, 2012

So sad!

So sad!
In all the years I have had a bird net over my pond, I have never caught any birds (only the occasional Starling that has gotten under it)
When I took the dogs out, Max showed me about a dozen juvenile Gold Finches that were caught in the net!!!!
I spent the next 20 minutes cutting the little tiny things out of the net carefully making sure there was none left around their necks.
Lost 4-5 of them, ones already dead, I killed one trying to pull the net off of it! I ran in and got scissors after that and lost no more.  They are so tiny!!!
I dont know why they were in the net! or if they went under on the side where it was open about 6 inches? I fixed that now.
I hope it doesnt happen again!

The little birds that died in the net didnt go to waste.
This guy found them and made them breakfast!

I believe it is a small Red Tailed Hawk. According to my birder friend, this is most likely a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  Cool!!!!


  1. So sad, but things like this happen occasionally. You did your best and that's what matters.

  2. I am now thinking that these little birds were some kind of small Warbler, by color and beak shape. I will never know! I didnt run for the camera, I was in rescue mode!!


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