Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve, we always go up to my Folks, for dinner and this year we just did stockings. This is Mom and Dads tree.

The table before it is filled with all the food!

The snack table.

We had and 18lb. Prime rib roast!!! Whick we ate the ribs from it Saturday, Mom and Dad came down to our house and brought the ribs, we heated them up and ate them with BBQ sauce, yum!!

My favorite holiday wine, it is white wine with huckleberry juice. It is a local Washington wine.

And the napkin trick that every newbie that comes to dinner gets tortured with LOL this year it was my nephews girlfriend. It is a chicken, do you see it? LOL LOL

And Christmas morning we had breakfast at our house, with my folks and Meg and her beau, and Bro #2 and his wife and  we brought Hubby and Bro #2's grandmother, Isabel over. She will be 98 years old in May!!! She is having a harder time now physically, but she is still in her house. She is a wonderful person!!!

We had a scaled back Christmas, didnt spend much money, spent a lot of time with family and friends, it was a good Christmas. I hope everyone out there had a great Holiday too!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The laugh factor.........

I am not saying anything. What do you all think?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday stills....Holiday decorations....

I used to make tons of ornaments, with work and life I kinda quit for quite a few years now.
These are some of my very favorite Christmas tree decorations, and few that stay out all year too.
These Santa stars are made out of Fimo clay.

The bunny with the frog on its head is made out of Fimo and, the one on the right is a wooden ornament that I painted. All of the wooden ones that I show on here I cut out on the band saw, sanded, and painted myself.

Bird watchers ornament.

These next two ornaments are antiques, that were Hubbys Grandmothers, they are pretty old. There are three colors, red, yellow and blue, I didnt get a pic of the blue one.

It is hard to get good photos of ornaments, the lighting has to be right, and the flash always washes them out to much. I finally put the camera on the candlelight setting, and it helped a lot with the light, my moving while taking the pic, well thats another problem, LOL.

I love this snowflakes for sale one! Yes I cut all the snow flakes out on the band saw!

This is one of my very favorites, I love how it turned out!

These are some of my Santa Gnomes! LOL Fishing of course!

I made this moose out of felt and wood, it was fun, I made a few of them, and of course my Christmas candle.
Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite decorations! For more Sunday stills take the link!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Year end Guide Dogs Club potluck and awards....

We had a great potluck, lots of good food! I made cookies, shortbread dipped in chocolate, spiced shortbread dipped in chocolate and chocolate chip. The first time I dipped the shortbread and they are great! This is Mike our Guiding Eyes of Clark County club leader. He is handing out the awards.

Dublin on the left, meeting Sweeney on the top and saying Hi to little half-sister Luna on the bottom. Little Luna is a year old! and she is so tiny! She does meet the minimum size requirements! And my little friend Emma watching the dogs. LOL

Emma getting a body hug from Sweeny.

Dublin in front of one of the food tables. With those sad puppy eyes LOL. He was a perfect gentledog! I even dropped his leash in the middle of the room and told him to stay and he didnt move, until Meghan called him!

Meg petting Luna on another club members lap. These almost white dogs are so hard to take photos of, especially if they move.

Dublin and my, awards we received.

We got a nice certificate, pin and plaque with our names on it. The plaques are made so that you can add each new puppy that you raise to it.

Now I have to find a spot on a wall to hang it up!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday stills....pets....

Wow its been a few months since I have done Sunday stills!! I need to get it going again! I do enjoy everyone elses photos and Ed works hard at coming up with the themes and such! He has been overseeing Sunday Stills for two years now!!! Cool! That is as long as I have been blogging now, Wow.

These two are endless entertainment LOL, they always make me laugh, and they have become best buds!
Dublin is now our pet, so I had to have them in this post. It is really hard to take photos of Dublin with the flash because it always washes him out so bad, and the red eye reduction doesnt work so well with the dogs either, they have so much reflective in the back of their eyes!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The tree is up!

Well we finally got the tree up! I forgot how bright the LED lights are! The first year we did it all by ourselves. I put it together and Hubby put the lights on, and I decorated it.

There is our fish tree topper again! I still love it! Have never seen another one! You can see our awesome kids to the left! Miss them. They are both home in the US now! Sara is out of the service, John is still serving in the Air Force. I am so proud of them!
Max already stole the stuffy I had under the tree, LOL. He likes to help! I had to put it elsewhere. He waited until I left the room, little brat LOL.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buds, and nail trimming....

I really havnt been posting a whole lot, just not doing much I guess. When I do want my camera I have been forgetting it LOL
Dublin and Max are buddys, they play and play and play! Believe it or not our just shy of 10lbs Chaweenie bosses the 55lb Labrador around! LOL Usually when Max invades his "space" Dublin moves to another spot. I was able to get a few pics of them cuddling lately.
All of our dogs just love that crocheted blanket LOL Max takes it from Dublin all the time. It is easy to wash and I like that!
About the nail trimming! sheesh, Max has a big problem with having his nails trimmed. Someone must have really quicked him at one time! I finally got the tips cut off of his nails today! He has typical Dachshund nails and they grow long! This time I just kept him in my lap in the chair in the living room, let him lick the clippers and took my time. This little dog has a lot of "little dog" issues. I try to take my time with him and reward him with food and praise, he is slowly getting better! He is 10 mo. old now.

Dublin was being so funny about the camera and closing his eyes before the flash went off! LOL Our living room is covered with toys, it looks like a two year old has been playing! LOL One that does not pick up toys!

The Boys, Dublin has finally settled back in and is our beloved pet now. He has become Hubbys dog! LOL and Hubbys garage buddy. Max would rather stay in the house with me.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I still have to put up the tree, and see how Max likes it LOL.(yes, we have a fake one, LOL) This will be Dublins second Xmas with us.