Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buds, and nail trimming....

I really havnt been posting a whole lot, just not doing much I guess. When I do want my camera I have been forgetting it LOL
Dublin and Max are buddys, they play and play and play! Believe it or not our just shy of 10lbs Chaweenie bosses the 55lb Labrador around! LOL Usually when Max invades his "space" Dublin moves to another spot. I was able to get a few pics of them cuddling lately.
All of our dogs just love that crocheted blanket LOL Max takes it from Dublin all the time. It is easy to wash and I like that!
About the nail trimming! sheesh, Max has a big problem with having his nails trimmed. Someone must have really quicked him at one time! I finally got the tips cut off of his nails today! He has typical Dachshund nails and they grow long! This time I just kept him in my lap in the chair in the living room, let him lick the clippers and took my time. This little dog has a lot of "little dog" issues. I try to take my time with him and reward him with food and praise, he is slowly getting better! He is 10 mo. old now.

Dublin was being so funny about the camera and closing his eyes before the flash went off! LOL Our living room is covered with toys, it looks like a two year old has been playing! LOL One that does not pick up toys!

The Boys, Dublin has finally settled back in and is our beloved pet now. He has become Hubbys dog! LOL and Hubbys garage buddy. Max would rather stay in the house with me.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I still have to put up the tree, and see how Max likes it LOL.(yes, we have a fake one, LOL) This will be Dublins second Xmas with us.


  1. What a sweet combo they make!!!! My dachshund hates his toenails being trimmed, so maybe its the doxie in Max coming out!!!

  2. Awe, I love it! Those are super cute pictures!

  3. Love the cuddling. My chiweenie doesn't handle nail trims well either. I was thinking about doing a post about it. I'm lucky if I can get two nails trimmed per day without him drawing blood from my hands. I've had dogs who get nervous about nail trims, but I've never had one attack me before.

  4. NM, yeah I have been told its a breed trait, ie the dachshund LOL
    Max luckly isnt a biter, he will lick and nibble but he hasnt bitten. I finally just held him like I always do in the chair and did his nails, I couldnt believe how easy it was this time! Last time it took 3 of us to hold on to him!


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