Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday stills....Holiday decorations....

I used to make tons of ornaments, with work and life I kinda quit for quite a few years now.
These are some of my very favorite Christmas tree decorations, and few that stay out all year too.
These Santa stars are made out of Fimo clay.

The bunny with the frog on its head is made out of Fimo and, the one on the right is a wooden ornament that I painted. All of the wooden ones that I show on here I cut out on the band saw, sanded, and painted myself.

Bird watchers ornament.

These next two ornaments are antiques, that were Hubbys Grandmothers, they are pretty old. There are three colors, red, yellow and blue, I didnt get a pic of the blue one.

It is hard to get good photos of ornaments, the lighting has to be right, and the flash always washes them out to much. I finally put the camera on the candlelight setting, and it helped a lot with the light, my moving while taking the pic, well thats another problem, LOL.

I love this snowflakes for sale one! Yes I cut all the snow flakes out on the band saw!

This is one of my very favorites, I love how it turned out!

These are some of my Santa Gnomes! LOL Fishing of course!

I made this moose out of felt and wood, it was fun, I made a few of them, and of course my Christmas candle.
Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite decorations! For more Sunday stills take the link!!


  1. The wooden ones are wonderful! You are very skillful with the bandsaw and very artistic with the painting. I've always loved wooden decorations, especially if they have a folk art style when painted.
    That moose is adorable, too!


  2. Those are beautiful, I wish I had that kind of talent!

  3. You're talented--those are wonderful ornaments. You're very lucky to have those antique ones from your hubby's grandma--what an absolute treasure!!! None of our family passed down any, and I wonder why.

  4. Wow, you are so creative! I wish were more crafty like that. I really like all of your ornaments, my favorites are the clay star santas - cute, cute, cute!!!

  5. Great ornaments !I love the handmade ones


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