Saturday, December 11, 2010

The tree is up!

Well we finally got the tree up! I forgot how bright the LED lights are! The first year we did it all by ourselves. I put it together and Hubby put the lights on, and I decorated it.

There is our fish tree topper again! I still love it! Have never seen another one! You can see our awesome kids to the left! Miss them. They are both home in the US now! Sara is out of the service, John is still serving in the Air Force. I am so proud of them!
Max already stole the stuffy I had under the tree, LOL. He likes to help! I had to put it elsewhere. He waited until I left the room, little brat LOL.


  1. Really nice decorations. I think my daughter is the only one who really enjoys decorating trees. If she's not around, I just break out the fake tree with optic fiber lights on the tips of its branches. Terrible, I know. I suspect I'll enjoy decorating once I have grandchildren. You need someone there who can ooooh and aaaah over your efforts.

  2. Beautiful tree. The fish topper is very unique! Glad Max knows what to steal from under the tree.

    Glad both of your children are stateside!

  3. Oooh! So pretty...especially all lit up. We're going to put our tree up today. We use fake....mainly because there are 5 peoplein our house and none of us can remember to water a real tree. lol!

    My biggest worry this year about the tree is that we have a new kitten and every kitten we've had has had to try to climb our Christmas tree the first year. I think we'll wait a day or two to put on the ornaments, or only put on the non-breakable ones.


  4. NM, yeah it was hard to get motivated to put it up this year.

    Thanks Winny, LOL Max is a little jokester LOL

    Lisa, Well we dont have a cat anymore, :0/, I had to clean all her hair off of the tree skirt, her favorite place to sleelp when she was in was under the tree at xmas time.

  5. Very Pretty all decked out, that tree. And your fishy topper-original!


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