Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The laugh factor.........

I am not saying anything. What do you all think?


  1. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I bet Santa will bring him something very special in his stocking, for sure!

    I just bought Dobbie a new hoodie sweatshirt from Zack & Zoey. I've had the hardest time finding anything that covers her little, low-to-the-ground belly. Her poor belly gets so wet and cold when she plays in the snow, but most dog clothes are uni-sex. Girl dogs don't need the open space under the belly, as you know.

    Dobbie loves her new bright red hoodie sweatshirt and it covers her belly and all the way to the base of her tail.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the animal and human family members, too.


  2. I don't think Max was appreciating the long johns....but he's cute in anything!!

  3. I burst out laughing as soon as my eyes set on those long johns. Then I said, "I have to get some for Scrappy." Hilarious. And so cute with the potty flaps cut out.

  4. LOL yeah Max wasnt to impressed!
    They were just a little to tight for comfort so Meghan took them back. Yes my daughter(thats her in the pics) spoils our dogs! a lot! LOL To bad they werent just a little bit bigger! They love their big sissy Meg, LO LOL

  5. LOL that is so funny! We used to dress up our weiner dog all the time!

  6. That's quite the outfit! LOL

    Merry Christmas


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