Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday stills....pets....

Wow its been a few months since I have done Sunday stills!! I need to get it going again! I do enjoy everyone elses photos and Ed works hard at coming up with the themes and such! He has been overseeing Sunday Stills for two years now!!! Cool! That is as long as I have been blogging now, Wow.

These two are endless entertainment LOL, they always make me laugh, and they have become best buds!
Dublin is now our pet, so I had to have them in this post. It is really hard to take photos of Dublin with the flash because it always washes him out so bad, and the red eye reduction doesnt work so well with the dogs either, they have so much reflective in the back of their eyes!


  1. Great shots ! I am so pleased Dublin came back to you ,too bad it didn't work out for him as a service dog , but Iam sure he will be a wonderful pet

  2. I'll bet Max is glad his buddy is there for good!!!

  3. Look at them..
    Such personally they have!
    Yea, I got off track from the SS too

  4. Great pictures, I especially like the first one - what a cutie patootie!

  5. I always enjoy seeing pics of Max. His markings are just so unique and beautiful. I love a chiweenie, too!

    ~Lisa & Dobbie


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