Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve, we always go up to my Folks, for dinner and this year we just did stockings. This is Mom and Dads tree.

The table before it is filled with all the food!

The snack table.

We had and 18lb. Prime rib roast!!! Whick we ate the ribs from it Saturday, Mom and Dad came down to our house and brought the ribs, we heated them up and ate them with BBQ sauce, yum!!

My favorite holiday wine, it is white wine with huckleberry juice. It is a local Washington wine.

And the napkin trick that every newbie that comes to dinner gets tortured with LOL this year it was my nephews girlfriend. It is a chicken, do you see it? LOL LOL

And Christmas morning we had breakfast at our house, with my folks and Meg and her beau, and Bro #2 and his wife and  we brought Hubby and Bro #2's grandmother, Isabel over. She will be 98 years old in May!!! She is having a harder time now physically, but she is still in her house. She is a wonderful person!!!

We had a scaled back Christmas, didnt spend much money, spent a lot of time with family and friends, it was a good Christmas. I hope everyone out there had a great Holiday too!!!


  1. Same here, we scaled back termendously!It's just easier and less tress that way!

  2. Love it. 98 yrs old. Wow!
    Lots of food and fun. Didn't see a chicken, though. lol!

    We also did scaled back. Kidlets only received a couple gifts each and some items they needed (like new pillows, blankets, socks, underwear). I think they really appreciated the focus on family and togetherness this year and a much simpler holiday..very low key :)


  3. Well Lisa you have to think of a headless chicken, ready to go in the oven :0) LOL


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