Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Stills, Your best shot of 2010

Some of my Best/Favorite shots from 2010. No they are not perfect!
But they are some of my favorites!
The ocean at Lincoln City, Oregon. Cant you just hear those waves?

Sunset over the ocean

I chose this one because it was a really funny moment for me! When I realized that I knew what it meant! and my husband didnt! And what a great Nerd it made me!!! LOL LOL

This is my very favorite shot of Dublin, when we were working the fireworks booth for 4th of July.

From another outing with Dublin, I got a great shot of Fort Vancouver.

Dublin in his "bear rug" pose! LOL

And I can not forget Max, my new baby! LOL this is not a great shot, a little blurry, but I love his expression! He has become quite the character and member of the family.

And I almost forgot one of my horse! I just happened to catch her on her island LOL and her reflection in the water.

So thats just a few of my favorites for 2010, I want to take more pictures in 2011! I need more practice and this Sunday Stills is such a fun way to do it! Thanks Ed, for hosting this!!


  1. You say they're not perfect, but they look perfect to me, especially the first five which are all visually stunning. The last couple are just darn cute! :)

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Nice shots. We were in Lincoln City this year, too. The one of Fort Vancouver is also remarkable--beautiful colors and contrast. Makes you wonder what 2011 will bring and the places you'll go--the people (and animals) that will touch our lives. Pretty exciting. Happy New Year.

  3. Those are some great memories Pam! The content of a photo is really what makes it...lots of love!!! Dublin is just so handsome...and Max is just a cutie!

    Happy New Year to you...cheers to a healthy and happy 2011. Hope we can hook up again too!!


  4. Great shots! I will have to get in on this when my new camera arrives !

  5. I'm doing a little catching up on posts. I loved the award with the idea of adding the new dogs names on the bottom, loved your Christmas ornaments that you made (so talented) and these photos especialy the ocean ones are awesome.

  6. I remember your Island Horse picture. she doesn't look as impressed with her reflection as you did!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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