Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worlds smartest Horse....

Worlds smartest horse

This is really worth watching. Dedication and training, does wonderful things!!!


  1. Years and years of training into that horse. Very cool.

    I wish I had that kind of time to spend with one horse. With the limited time I have for each horse, I still find the experience joyous and healing.

  2. It's doesn't surprise me at all that a horse has accomplished those things. If you have a chance, read Alex & Me -- it's pretty short -- about the African grey parrot that Dr. Irene Pepperberg taught to speak, count, identify shapes and colors, etc. Every time they discover something new that animals can do, or a new animal that can achieve the (until now) unimaginable, the scientific community responds with shock and awe and not a little doubt, but those of us who work closely with animals shouldn't be surprised. They ARE smart, and they can do practically anything when given a chance.


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