Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday and corporate logos

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Our, almost, every Saturday morning trip LOL if its summer or good sales we garage sale too!
I dont drink coffee, So I usually get a Tall, Soy Chai Tea Latte. LOL
Hubby gets a Vente Peppermint Moca,
and Megs gets a Peppermint Moca too.
I tried a long time ago to drink coffe, but it tastes horrible to me! I put everything under the sun into it too! couldnt make it taste any better.
Dublin loves going into Starbucks too! And they dont mind at all, we always get folks asking about him.

I had to add this sign. It will soon be gone. Hubby and I went here a lot when we dated 21 years ago!
This restaurant was closed for 15 years and opened up again for 2-3 years and folded again. They keep trying to put a fancy expensive restaurant here, it is not a fit. It has sold again, the new one will be called something like the Black Pearl on the Columbia, another 4-5 star restaurant, I can tell them right now it wont fly, sad. We need something like McMenimens, upscale burgers, fries, and other stuff, beer, and good prices! (google McMenimens, it is a really cool comapany with lots of location here in the NW, eclectic art and hand painted decoration, in most locations. Our favorite Edgefields, is in an old Poor farm, has a hostel, winery, brewery, and rose garden, and smoking shack for the cigar crowd, also a 5 star restaurant in addition to the regular restaurant, cool history, and according to Hubby good beer too! I dont drink beer either LOL)

This isnt a company logo, just a dead company.
You cant quite read the Parker House sign.
So with the new owners, this old building, built in 1950, having structural problems, will be torn down in the next couple of months. I am glad something new is going in, and I do hope that they make a go of it! This little town needs it! There is now a hotel across the parking lot from this location too. To the right, west, is the Marina, it is an awesome location! In High School we had Proms here too.  So say goodbye to this old building with lots of history in this comunity. Just not so much in the last 20 years.


  1. My husband and I also love McMenimens! Love the little "Red Shed" in the winter...if you can sit by the rustic fire inside!

    Well , that location of your memories is perfect for something nice and newer...hope you two may enjoy it when it is finished..make some new memories!

  2. a drive thru starbucks. i took pics of the first one i saw, back home in seattle.

    over here it's hard enough to just get a regular starbucks going. they recently tore a new one down, and i shed a few tears as i gazed at the empty building. germans must be very resistant to change, and their coffee culture is firmly established. this "to-go" thing is seen as an american plague, for people who do not have the time for the pleasures in life - black coffee that comes in a tiny porcelan cup, that you sit down to enjoy over a very long time.

    since i live in the country, the closes starbucks is 15 miles away. and while my man cannot enjoy coffee in any form (like you) he loves the vanilla bean milkshakes.

    back in seattle starbucks was the last espresso i'd choose, but here, it's all i have to remind me of our coffee culture. and i appreciate it very much that there are at least a few starbucks in germany!


  3. Lytha, At least there is a Starbucks! LOL LOL We have some friends that just went to Disney World in Florida, they had major withdrawls all week LOL it took them a couple of days to find a Starbucks LOL

  4. Oh and Lyths, I know the fence you are talking about! LOL LOL That huge intimidating prison fence behind Edgefields!!!


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