Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noah's Ark....Horses with flippers and gills??

Ok I have ordered the lumber and the animal fodder, anyone want to help build an Ark???
It is so wet here, the weather says we will have an inch and a half of rain, in 24 hrs, before it slacks off....yes slacks off doesnt quit, this afternoon! (((sigh))) My poor horses are going to have to grow flippers and gills pretty soon! Check out the lower pasture this morning.

Wet, wet, wet, the lower pasture is part of a drainage that goes, through the neighbors and under the road, to the river, at least it stays down there! there is probably a 10-12 foot drop, or more, from the house down to the lower pasture, so glad!

This is my morning greater, her and Emma talk to me when I am walking out to the barn.
They were a little mad at me for taking pictures instead of feeding them, LOL, Mickey was talking real quiet here to me, come on Mom we are hungary! I love Easy's snotty look, she acts tough when she is in her own stall LOL, she is the bottom of the totem pole.
Ah, breakfast, silly old mare, hasnt much lower teeth, she drops half her grain, as you can see. Wet or dry she dribbles it all over. I usually try to get her hay around the grain pan so that it falls on the hay,(although I didnt get it so close this AM) so maybe she can eat more of it when she eats her hay. She looks great! Fat and sassy, she only gets 4 cups of Equine Sr., AM and PM, and one flake of hay, which she usually doesnt clean up. She is the messyist horse! She is one that has a race track in her stall, round and round, mixes her hay and poop, there is an acutal trail in her stall every morning.
Breakfast finally! LOL impatient old mare LOL Mickey is boss mare, she is always this shiney. I always feed them on the ground. I believe its healthier, its the way they were meant to eat.

And Emma was out in the field when I went out, whinnying to me as I am walking out.
This is the quagmire she has to go through to get in her stall. If you live somewhere dry, enjoy it!!! For 5-6 months out of the year we have pure unadulterated MUD. It is about a foot deep, as you can see by Emmas mud socks in a later picture. When the rain stops it does dry out fairly quickly, but in the mean time all the water sits on top of the ground. I have been lucky and they havnt had bad thrush problems at all, clean dry stalls over night, help with that and the rainrot, which only Easy has had a little of, but it is gone now. I used a little MTG and it cleared the rainrot right up.
Emma is so silly, the flash on the camera scares her and she jumps every time I snap a picture.
This shows that Appy eye though LOL
And she runs for the door, goofball. See the water running down her head.
I love her color, she isnt to much lighter this year than she was last year, she has been progressively getting whiter over the years.
OK I will settle down and eat my breakfast. Like her mud socks, she goes in and out all night, I dont leave her locked in, they all seem to be happier that way, Mickey has a run and Easy the pen, Emma has the whole pasture. I really cut back on thier hay now that the grass has come on. Because of all the water our pasture is really rich, dispite the weeds LOL I cant even get out there to mow and cut weeds!

Welcome to our soggy soggy world.  Now back to working on that Ark.
Sometime soon it has to dry out so I can ride again, right? Now you can see why I havnt been riding. I could haul out to an indoor arena, but I havnt.


  1. Wow! I think you and the horses really do need an ark...and flippers and maybe even a snorkel! I can't even imagine that much rain. We get the snow every year for about 4-5 months, but it doesn't stick around as long as the rain each time.
    And we do get our summer monsoons, but while it can rain every day, it only rains for an hour or so and then the sun comes back out again.

    Of course, it's a trade-off, we don't have much grass growth and have to feed hay all year long. But we also don't have mosquitos, ticks and hardly any flies.

    I sure hope you all dry out soon, though. I enjoyed reading about and seeing how your spend time with them in the morning. :)


  2. we've had so much rain in southern Idaho (a little bit at a time, but every week - that's a lot for the desert!) and so much in the forecast that it looks like Seattle! and the wildflowers continue to be outta control.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. We finally got some much needed moisture here, you know I am trying not to complain , but gosh I hate mud!

  4. I was starting to think the same thing, build an ark! We definitely need a few of those around here! It didn't help matters around here when my other half lets the horse's water run all day! LOL!
    Mud socks, I am so tired of those! When are we going to get some dry weather, and I mean a long stretch of dry weather? This weather has been awful for us!

  5. As much as I'm loving the weather to ride, we could use some of that rain for sure.

  6. Ha! MY horses beat yours to it...their flippers are already grown AND worn out! LOL

    Your question on my post re: Chinese Characters, this is what mine translated to in English

    Translated by:

  7. LOL Carol,
    Those Chinese post are wierd, I did click on the name once and it took me to a Chinese girls website, that was in Chinese and English, so I dont know if one is legit or not? But I wont post them because I dont know what they say, and niether do my readers.


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