Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend at the Oregon coast! Post #1

Hubby and I took a couple of days and drove down to the coast. This was our first stop on the way down after we took a different turn and went a different way than usual (no we were not lost LOL) We stopped to use the GPS on Hubbys IPhone, lol, it has a cool GPS! We ended up going through Salem, Or., not to much out of our way, got to see a lot of pretty farmland, and new country.  I had to take a picture out front of The Hitching post, tavern. I love the tie posts all along the front of the building. We had reserved a hotel room, so we stopped at Sprit Mtn Casino, on the way down. Sadly we left a little money there LOL and after a couple of hours we headed on our way.

We finally got to the hotel, a pretty decent place, The Ester Lee, at Lincoln City. This is the view from the lobby window, which are huge oval windows. You can google the Ester Lee, they have quite the website. They are on the north side of the Inn at Spanish Head, Lincoln City, and have much better prices!
Here is Hubby going up to our room, ours is the one in the dark corner, that you can just see, second floor.
We got into the room and relaxed for awhile. This is the view out our room window.
And we watched these Crazy!! people LOL Kiteboarding, at least thats what I am calling it, I dont know what they call it. Kiteboarding, Windsailing, Boardsailing, Kitesurfing??? LOL Let me know if you know what the real name is.
There were 6-8 of them out there, some good crashes and times when the wind pulled them right off of their board! Jumping waves and sailing up and down the coast!
We walked down on the beach and I took a lot of photos, I will be sharing over the next few days. I took some really pretty sunset photos too!
This is the same rock from where we came down onto the beach. It is right in front of the hotel. The Ester Lee also has cottage rooms, they were all booked up this trip, but we want to stay in those too.
Pacific coast sand. Not the white stuff you get in Florida, but still pretty. More of a black, red, tan, volcanic sand. The foot prints of all the critters that have passed this way since the last tide was in. Low tide was at 8:10PM.
And we met Charlie the cat LOL, he greated us when we came down the road to the beach, and when we went back up. We also talked to a funny man who had rescued Charlie and given him to a woman friend who nursed him to health as a kitten, the man was staying at his friends house. We got Charlies life story(part of the guys too!) LOL LOL. Here Charlie thinks he is hiding from people and dogs LOL, he is a character of a cat! When we first met him we thought he was a little dog at first, because he ran right up to us, like a dog would.
Here is the hotel from the beach, our room is by the second chimney, second floor. It looked like all the rooms have a gas fireplace in them. Ours was one of the small rooms, but real cozy, fridge and micro. The cottages and the larger rooms have kitchenettes. We couldnt complain it was only $160. for two nights.
And turn around from that pic and this is what is there. It was really soothing to leave the window open all night and listen to the ocean waves.

Such a beautiful day there on Saturday! Warm and only a light breeze. More to share coming! Sunsets and waves and the Tillamook Air Museum.


  1. Ah! The Oregon coast. Two posts this morning about the Oregon coast. I think I hear it calling my name ;)

  2. Great fun!!! Looked like you got the best wkend for it too!
    We used to stay at the Ester Lee all the time, when we were first married. It is a neat place with a nice beach entrance...as you found!
    Happy for you restful and exciting time!!!

  3. Oh wow! Such unique places to stay....and to listen to the ocean waves at night, too? Blissful!

    I think those folks were para-sailing. Scaring and exciting!

    The huge rock in the sea was so cool!
    And what a cute kitty.
    I love your hubby's t-shirt. lol!


  4. Looks wonderful, and I believe the correct name for the kite surfing is CRAZY!


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