Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is so soothing about ocean waves....

I took some fun pics of the waves when we were down on the beach last weekend. I was really trying to capture the wave curl. The waves were so cool, really long long curls, 100s of feet long. Saturday the ocean was pretty quiet, and really pretty.
This is looking south down the beach.
Hubby looking over the rocks.

Beautiful waves.
Sunset behind the rock. The tide was coming in, I almost got wet! LOL
Looking North.

The clouds were starting to come back in the evening, made for some nice photos.

Through the trees
I had fun with the different settings on my camera, it has a sunset setting that gives the pics that really dark orange tone. Regular setting for landscape turned out like below.

I really dont know what the orange bubbles are LOL, reflection of the sun in the water.
Sunday we went down to Newport and had breakfast at the Pig and Pancake, I had the apple crepes and sausage links, soooo gooood!!!!
Here are some of the resident sealions at the docks on the waterfront.
Goofy fat critters, they would beg for food. Or just sleep, LOL.
Here are more out on the jetty.
This funny sign was above the door to this tavern, LOL it made me laugh.

Thats all for today! more to come.


  1. lol! That sign is too funny!

    You did a great job practicing with the settings on your camera. Some of them are just stunning. I actually feel like I'm right there with you!
    I've not been to the ocean and beach for many years. Sometimes, like when I see your photos now, I am lonely for the sea.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Those are some beautiful sunsets!

  3. Pile 'O Sea Lions, anyone? Ha ha. I think the orange bubbles are UFOs rising up out of the ocean. Nah, I think it has something to do without how your camera lens processed taking a picture into the sun. It is strange how the bubbles are staggered.

  4. Great photos Pam!! You two look like you had a perfect weekend! Gorgeous weather! I really like the sunset with the unknown's really a very cool photo!


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