Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Stills....Black and White

This little critter was out by the barn when I fed the other morning. I didnt see it when I went out, but it caught my eye when I headed back to the house. I love the texture in the pic, and the rabbit thinking its invisable, frozen with a piece of grass in its mouth and one ear up LOL It let me take a few pics of it then I headed back in the house. I see it out there most mornings as it runs off, this is the first time I caught it sitting still, at maybe 10 feet away.
For more Sunday stills take the link, there are some good ones!


  1. Very nice! Kind of a wheres Waldo shot, you have too look close to see the rabbit , he has good camo

  2. Hah! I was just getting ready to say what Fernvalley said about Where's Waldo. If it wasn't for the black eye, the bunny would have perfect camo in black and white.

    Cool photo!



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