Monday, June 7, 2010

Black and white to color.... and friends....

Here is that same little Runny Babbit from yesterdays post. It was so funny, when I stopped to look at it, it froze, and didnt move until I was 20-30 feet away again LOL.

Zoom in on it some more. Kind of funny how the grass blade on its right almost looks like the other ear! LOL

And zoomed in as far as I could get. You can see the other ear now, I took a couple steps forward. It still didnt move, at this point it was only about 8 feet away from me. Silly rabbit, LOL LOL. It still held on to the blade of grass it was eating.

Easy and Mickey grooming each other, these two have been together the best part of 16+ years.  My  Dad bought Easy when she was four, he gave her to Sara for her 15th birthday, and I bought Mickey when she was two, they are 25 and 21.
Emma lies down in her poop at night and always has green on her hip (((sigh))) You can still see some of the water in the field, we are breaking all the rain records the weather folks keep saying!


  1. The bunny looks like it's thinking you don't see it. It's denying that the camera is pointed at it.

  2. Yah, the rabbits know that if they still, and you are a predator, you probably won't see it. Of course, that only works if you are a coyote. lol!

    I think it's so awesome to have had the same horses for such a long time. Baby Doll was supposed to be my forever horse, but now I hope that will be the case with Apache. And the plus side of that is that Baby Doll was already 17 years old this year, while Apache is between 10-13 years old.

    So I hope to have her around for even longer. My biggest panic attack fear is that something might happen to her. I love her so much. :-)

    I can't imagine all that moisture. I hope your ground is still able to soak it all up. I wish we could have just a little of that here. We haven't had any rain since last summer!



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