Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitchen rearrange....

Last week our old refrigerator quit. Done Kaput, so we had to go find a new fridge. Refridgerator shopping is as bad as car shopping! We went to Lowes, and Home Depot, the first day, found out we could find a small fridge to go in the hole, that the old one was in. Hubby then decided he didnt want to settle. The hole where the old fridge was, was only 33" wide, and 69" tall. Most fridges these days are 35 1/2"wide and 70" tall. (((sigh))).  So we decided to rearrange the kitchen. Making this opening by moving the pantry over where the old fridge was and taking down the small over the fridge cabinet that was there. The second day we went to Sears, Standard appliance in Portland, De Wills, Home Depot, and Lowes.  The third day we went back to Lowes and bought this one. Finally!! But it was the 3rd or 4th one we looked at, that was in stock! Not much was in stock. It would have been a month out to wait for our first choice, we didnt want to wait that long. I wanted stainless, Hubby wanted ice and water in the door. We got both! :0)
We had to empty out the old china cabinet, and move it across the room. It is really heavy, made out of solid wood. It is amazing how much crap you acumulate in 11 years!!
Hubbys dad built this cabinet to go in the kitchen for mom. Hubby has to put back the shelves up at the roof too, so I can put more crap back up LOL LOL Hubby remembers what the kitchen was like before his dad built this hutch. He was born to this house, his folks built it in 1966, and he was born in January of '67.  He has lived in this house for all but about 10 of his 43 years!

I feel like a hoarder!! Yikes LOL LOL all the stuff out of the cabinet had to go on the dining table, in the living room. What a mess! Now I have to get rid of or put back all this s t u f f  LOL.
But!!!! It is all worth it, the new fridge is so pretty!! LOL I wish we would win the lottery to redo the cabinets and the floor and .... and.... (((sigh))) you have to buy tickets first.... or you cant win. LOL So we have to live with it as it is. moving stuff around sure opened up the kitchen. I think we are going to buy a small bistro table to go here next to the fridge and two chairs (shhh maybe a rug)(. I also want to replace the old light fixtures in the kitchen there are 3, and get rid of the head banging chandelier.

Shiney.... oooooo LOL LOL, lets hope this one lasts 20 years! Buying the bigger fridge was actually cheaper that buying the small one, by almost $500, go figure. We did finally decide on this one at Lowes, with free delivery and haul off of the old one. We saved enough that we finally bought a new microwave too! We had been borrowing one of my bother in laws small ones. This one is the first micro we could find that is 2cu ft, and 1200 wats! (at Lowes too, and it was only $169. !!!) Which is what our last one was. so now the only appliance that needs to be switched to stainless is the dishwasher! Almost there LOL LOL (to a matching kitchen)
Now I just have to put all the crap back and clean and throw away or garage sale s t u f f.


  1. Now that is a nice fridge! I have been wanting a stainless fridge for years, but ours is only 10 yrs old. So I will have to wait until it dies on me!
    Getting new things is so much fun!

  2. Nice fridge! Lucky you! I bought a stainless dishwasher last year. It's a Bosch and I love it. Quietest dishwasher I've ever barely heard ;)

  3. Oh, you know I've been through that -- having to rearrange or remodel a kitchen to fit the new dimensions of appliances. What brand is the new fridge? Ours is LG. We're happy with the fridge, so we tried an LG dishwasher when our dishwasher stopped getting the dishes clean, and the LG dishwasher has been a huge disappointment. The control panel stopped responding, so we had to take it apart and found some crimped wires. Fixed it ourselves. To top it all off, the dishes come out just as dirty as they were with the old dishwasher. No improvement whatsoever. As far as fridges go, I'd always choose the larger one just to cut back on the number of trips to the market. I still can't get used to the fact that I can get both crushed and cubed ice as well as water right out of the door.

  4. Very nice! I found after my Kitchen reno I was able to get rid of a few things(quite a few) Before putting ait all back

  5. Nuzz Muzz,
    The fridge is a GE, I wanted the Frigidare with the ice maker on the door, but they didnt have one in stock, so thats the only thing we settled on, the ice maker is in the top of the freezer.


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