Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is a post for Paintgirl....

Here is what Emmas Dam, Lucy, looks like, she is reg. chestnut I think but she has dun factor, and a very dark dorsal stripe, you can also see cobwebing on her forarm and gaskin. Lucy is not her Reg name LOL, she comes off of the Sheldak Ranch in South Dakota, a large Appaloosa breeder. Lucy doesnt have classic color but she does throw it!(she has sclera mottled skin and stripped hooves) The dun factor is why, I believe my friend bought her as a brood mare, she wanted to breed Duns. Emma has a full sister that is colored just like her, red dun varnishing out to white.
Looks pretty close to what color Chance is turning out. Paintgirl has been trying to figure out what color her Mustang yearling is turning out to be. For her blog go here The adventures of the Painted Creek Farm


  1. I can certainly see whay they bought that one as a broodmare ! gorgeous , color or not . And often the less strikingly colored mares throw the snappiest colord foals!

  2. Wow! Lucy is beautiful!! I love her color! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

    I really think Chance is going to be grulla, I just don't know much about that color. My sister and I have talked that we might not know what color she will really be for a couple more years. I think she might lighten up more next year. But we will have to wait and see! I don't like the waiting game when I'm not sure about the color! If only it could be so simple as a bay or chestnut! LOL!

  3. She's a very pretty girl.

  4. Such an interesting color. Pretty mare.



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