Thursday, April 29, 2010


It sure is raining and hailing and winding like spring!!
Here is some spring color for some eye candy!

Some of the Rhododendrons are starting to bloom, this one is such a vibrant red/fusia.

I caught Emma taking a nap, he he he....She wasnt to impressed about me sneaking up to the fence to take pictures LOL

I love Pansies! They are such a happy flower, Blue/purple is my favorite color. These were a Birthday present from my folks, I enjoy them every day out my kitchen window. I hope to buy a flat of my favorite Blue Daddy Petunias! I have missed them for two years now, they are a huge bloom, blue with viening, and scented, and very prolific flowerers, I cant wait to share! I am going to a Mothers day flower sale this weekend, she is the only grower that has these in our local area! $16. for a whole flat! I think there are 18 in a flat.


  1. you are lucky to catch Emma laying down. Star NEver lays down during the day. No one has ever caught her day napping!

  2. Nothing makes us feel better than the colors of spring after a long ugly winter!

  3. Jocelyn, there are Emma spots all over the pasture LOL white spots where she lies down!
    You said it KT!

  4. those flowers are so pretty! Thanks for sharing! They brightened my day!

  5. Your rhododendrons are so pretty. I could never get mine to look good in Maryland. They are gorgeous in bloom. Pansies are a very happy flower, I agree. You know, I never knew that horses could lay down as much as they do until I moved to New Mexico. I thought they always stood up! :) Have a good weekend.

  6. Beautiful blooms. If God didn't put 'em there, they don't live on our place. I'm so NOT a gardener.


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