Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring is coming! I just know it!!! Please please soon!

Spring must be here! The Hummers are back and I have already refilled the feeders. They are zipping around like crazy!
I still havnt figured out what species this bird is, it is only about 4" long, anyone have an idea? Wondering if it will come back again? Some kind of flycatcher? I lost my bird book, dang it, I have looked on the internet, but there is to much to look through, and I have to have an idea what I am looking for! LOL
Cant wait to be outside watching the Hummingbird antics again and taking pictures when it is warm! We are going to have a week of rain coming up, which means cleaning stalls! I have been leaving them out as much as I can, last night I felt bad because it started raining around 7:30, I fed at 6:30, (it was dry and warm, spring weather sheesh) so I went out and let them in, it was raining hard! and only going to be around 45F so I brought the spoiled girls in LOL.

Well the mystery is solved, the yellow bird above is.... a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. I sent the photos to Cornell Univercity and they got back to me really fast! I went to this website All about birds The woman who responded to my e-mail also requested that I help them out by voting for their site, so if anyone wants to contribute a vote please go here to vote for Cornells, All about birds and here if you cant find them she said To find All about birds and vote
Here are the complete instuctions, Thanks to Cornell, and all who are interested in voting! They have been nominated for a "Webby" award, and need votes.

1. Go to and click "Register to vote"

2. Enter a username and password on the Web form.
3. The Webbys will send you a verification e-mail. Click on the e-mail and you will return to the site to vote.
4. Once you get back to the voting website it isn't easy to find "us". Just go here:


  1. I'm guessing - not sure - a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet - very small flycatcher with a white eye ring. Can't see the wings in the photo, but they have a horizontal white bar. Great pictures!

  2. I gave up trying to keep up with the feeders in the Texas heat. All they did was attract massive amounts of yellow jackets.

  3. Thanks Kate I will try to look one up.

    Leah, we usually dont have much of a problem with yellow jackets until late August, except for our hot tub, for some reason they love to make nests under the flaps of the cover, darn pests. Killed one nest already.

  4. Kate, not a Kinglet, it looks more like a Stellars Jay, not that big, though, maybe a little bigger than 4" It had that Jay look to it.

  5. not sure either , but they sure are pretty

  6. Beautiful birds. We have some new type of bird in the neighborhood this year that had me fooled for days. I thought some little girl was screaming, but it was the bird.

  7. Ask the people at Backyard Bird Shop (next to Panera). They've always been helpful in identifying birds when we've asked.

  8. Some kind of peewee, I think. A flycatcher is my second guess. (These guesses brought to you by the world's worst amateur-but-wanna-be birder.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  9. Thanks Martha, I need to print out the pics and see if I can identify it.
    Merri, I spent an hour on the internet yesturday, I had no luck, a Peewee is not one that came up, I will try to find what one looks like.

  10. The bird is so much bigger than any flycatcer that I have looked up.

  11. Excellent photos of your hummers!

    We've had hummers around for a couple weeks....even before our latest snow. So I hope they found a warm sheltering place to hang out until the snow melted.

    But I hope Spring is finally here, too.

    Unusual looking bird. Without seeing the bird's back and tail....
    Here are my guesses:

    Huttons Vireo
    Hammonds FlyCatcher
    Western FlyCatcher

    Let us know what you find out.


  12. I have found out for sure what the bird is!
    I sent the photos to Cornell Univercity and they sent back that it is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet! Mystery solved!


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