Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hail, rain, sun, rain, hail, sun, akkkk!!

Boy this Spring weather has been odd! It hailed so hard today that the roads turned white and the horses scrambled for shelter! The skiers sure are enjoying this spring cold weather. So are the Ski areas I am sure. More money! They did get a later start on the snow this year, as you could tell from the Olympics, they had to make snow. There is plenty now!
You can see Easy's head and Mickeys butt, LOL. Emma is inside in her stall and pissed off about it, I have been watching her close the last week or so, she has just been off on her right hind foot, I think she may have an abcess, she needs to be trimmed again and see if I can find it, I have the Epsom salts, and the Ichthamol ready, (((sigh))). I have her in where it is dry, she is so not happy with being left inside! It is so muddy out around the barn, I was wondering if one of them would have a problem, it had to be her, she is a pain in the butt LOL, a 1200lb. wiggle worm, I dont know if she will let me soak her foot or not, if not I will have to try to find a boot big enough for her and leave her in, she wont be happy with that! The big booger LOL.
The mares were hiding under the Redwood tree. You can see how the road was covered in the second picture. It didnt last very long but it was a lot of ice! I took these pictures from where it was safe, LOL, out of the front window! I cant wait for it to warm up!, and be less wet.


  1. Our weather so far this spring has sucked!! Feels more like winter now than it did in winter. But today is warmer and very pretty. Fingers crossed it sticks around!

  2. I think the horses are ready for spring!

    We've been in Arizona for the winter and are heading back to our Washington State mini-ranch. Can't wait to get back to the critters and real dirt!

  3. That is so cool that you've got redwood trees in your yard. wow! How tall is yours?

    I hope Emma's hoof is ok and it's not an absess, just maybe a bruise.

    Bleh! Hail! We've got hail today and now I'm worried that it might have hurt our flowering fruit trees. I want apples and peaches again this year. wah!


  4. Lisa, actually there are two Redwoods, my Hubbys folks brought them back from the Redwoods in Ca.(shush) way back in the late
    '60's, One is probably pushing 40 foot, and the other unfortunatly is between the big one and a green Maple tree, and they are stunting it, it is only about 25 foot tall, the big one is probably 3 1/2 ft in diamater at the base, they are conacal in shape, not straight. They are beautiful trees.


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