Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bearskin rug.....or not

Still havnt been doing a whole lot lately, Dublin is getting out a lot, with Meghans help. He loves going places and lets us know he wants to go LOL. This day, he was hanging with Meg, LOL....
He is a little Polar Bear LOL. Doesnt he look comfy.
This weekend we are suposed to go to a puppy outing to the Woodland Wa. Tulip fields,(If I can get someone to go with me, I dont want to go alone) and then there is a Pet Fair and the exposition center that they want lots of puppies at, so I signed us up for a couple of hours, should be fun, ( must remember camera, must remember camera, LOL) My biggest problem doing public speaking is my speach, most people understand me ok, but there are some that just dont, it is not a confidence builder. I have restarted some speach therepy, but I am so bad about doing the exercises, they wont do me any good if I dont do them, will they (sigh).


  1. That has to be the cutest picture!!!

  2. That is one CUTE puppy dog - he does resemble a Polar Bear in that picture. I hope you have fun at the puppy outing!

  3. dont stress the speech too much, you write just fine... I sure it went/will go well....

  4. Thank you Elizabeth, it is hard, but I like to talk LOL, good sounding or not lol, I try to keep a sense of humor about it! My joke is that I have to remember to say "handbag" instead of "purse" because the R's dont come out lol and well it sounds like purse without the R, lol. I think for a lot of people its like reading those mixed up word sentances, when you read them they make sense because your brain unscrambles them, I see people working to understand what I say, and for the most part they do, the hard part is I used to be so well spoken, now its just hard.

  5. Bah! I dislike public speaking, too. I tend to nervous and breathless and feel like I'm going to pass out...and and then I slur and stutter. Not pretty!

    I love your bear rug, though. hehe!

    Good luck with the speech :)


  6. The public speaking wasnt to bad today! yeay!!! I felt that most people understood me ok! We had fun, and I will post some pics about the Pet Fair soon.


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