Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Pet Fair with Guide Dogs for the Blind....

Sunday Dublin and I went to the Pet Fair, it was a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of different breeds of dogs, BIG and little!!
The Guide Dogs for the Blind booth at the Pet Fair. I dont remember everyones names, in the middle are Debbie, Kent, and Josh (the puppy).
In the red shirt is Kents son Alex and he has Jana at his feet.

Logger and Popcorn, she is biteing his foot LOL All of the puppies got along so good!
Dublin sitting on the mat, popcorn in front of him.
He was really good, a bit excited with all of the strange dogs around and all the noise! But I had the club leader, Mike, and Kent both take him for walks around the Fair and they said he did great! He was pulling and wanting to see the other dogs when I was leading him through, it helps to have someone else evaluate them, I am so happy he did good for them!

Pretty boy hoarding all the bones! LOL
Dublin and Logger chillin' watching Josh chew on his bone.
Little Popcorn, and her raiser. Popcorn is so cute, she is 4 mo. old now.

This guy stopped to visit, oh my he is the biggest Newfoundland I have ever seen! And there are two of them!
Popcorn got to meet him, you can kind of see how big he is with Josh in front!
This is the other Newfie, when asked the folks said they were cousins. This guy though is a trained service dog for the lady in the wheelchair! They are watching the stock dogs demonstration, there were also dock dogs and agility courses set up.
This big ol' Harlequin Dane is beautiful! There were quit a few Great Danes, he was by far not the tallest one LOL I love the coat patterns that they have.
I believe this is a pair of Pitbull puppies, there were all kinds of rescue groups there, Pitbull, Rat Terrier, Rehoming groups of all kinds, including the Humane Society.
It was a fun day, I love seeing all the different breeds of dogs, and guessing what they are!


  1. I would have been in hog heaven! I love all dogs (almost all) The Newfies are gorgeous!

  2. I enjoyed the P&C Fair, too, though I wasn't with the club this year. Did you see the Shiloh shepherds? I am so in love with that breed now!


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