Monday, April 19, 2010

The Chair Video.... and Remembering CJ Twomey

Please go here and see Tims Chair video. He recently had surgery for Glioblastoma brain cancer. He is working hard at recovering, going through the hell that is Chemo. He was a working Veterinarian, had a seizure at a clients home one day and their whole lives changed. Here is the link DVM's Wife, they are strong people, going through hell right now.

Just remember, no matter how bad you think things are....someone else is having a harder time than you are. I feel lucky my cancer has not come back, I had a grade 2 ependymoma in the 4th ventrical on my brainstem.  I deal with balance, blood pressure, vision, and many other issues, I cant work because of these issues, and do the best I can, I am here and I am grateful. I find much support in the adult ependymoma group that I belong to online, they are a group of wonderful people! With lots of experience and information about this desease, I am greatful I found them. Here is the link to the group if you are interested Braintrust, Adult ependymoma group 

My heart goes out to another blogger friend, Hallie and the Twomey family at Wonderful World of Weiners  Who have suddenly lost their 21 year old son, CJ, who sounded like such a wonderful life loving kid, my heart goes out to them, words dont suffice. Hallie and I had in common that we are Air Force moms, as two of my kids and her CJ are Airmen.

I know these folks only through blogging, it has become an amazing medium for me, meeting people I would never know about, hearing tragic stories, and many more happy ones, thank you! to all my blogger freinds! For making my life richer and fuller in getting to know all of you.


  1. How tragic! Prayers to all the families! Thanks for being such a good kind friend and letting us know so we can add our prayers

  2. Life seems to be so sad for these families at this time and you just hate to know they are going through such a tragic time. May God bless them and keep them. Prayers to those in need.

  3. You are such a kind-hearted person to be so concerned for thse people you have only gotten to know through the internet. What a sweet blessing you are. I'm sure it means so much to these families knowing you care. Thanks for sharing these stories, along with your own. I will keep them and you in my prayers.


  4. Funny how connected we become through our little blogging world, isn't it? Sharing in each others joy and pain on a daily basis. My prayers go out for these families...


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