Friday, March 27, 2009

WAHSET meet 2, drill practice, and day three gaming

Late on Thursday night the girls got to
Practice their drill routine, they are really starting to look good now!

Friday after noon they started the gaming events, Poles first.
Meghan had her personal best pole run, she did a nice job. She placed 20th.

Team flags, there are 4 on a team and they have to run up and grab a flag and go back, in relay. The flags are in the ground pretty good and it hurt Meghans hand when she pulled it out.

I didnt get a pic of Meg doing individual flags, but she got 11th place in those.

Keyhole race, Washougal team had raking duty too.

Rake, rake rake. The ones that did not run this event raked the dirt.

And Meghans Keyhole time!
Pretty good for a 24 year old mare!

They placed 11th again!

And the Team Bi-Rangle event. Meghan and Patrick were partners.

Meghans half of the run.

And they got 12th place in this event.

A zoom in to see the kids waiting outside the in gate, Carissa there on the grey horse, Meg is to the left behind the pole.

Start to her barrel run, she ran a 17.659 this time which was 27th out of 55 participants.
I was up in the concession area looking out the window so I didnt get good pics of her barrel run.

And Luxor was tired, I told him to stay, and he curled up and went to sleep in the middle of the room LOL and would not move, until Meghan came in LOL

This is the concession booth, they do good food for the meet. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast! yum yum!

And....the team hosted a movie night, because this was the first day Twilight was released, to thats what we watched, barrels ended at around 11;15pm and we started the movie at 11:30-11:45, Meg was tired and went to bed at 12;30. The movie didnt end until 1:30am! But it was pretty good.

I tried to run it through my computer but we had a problem with the volume.

Meghan in front of the results board.

And Twilight. I enjoyed to movie, it wasnt really what I expected, but it was good. One person had a little tiny projector that hooked up to the computer and then we plugged a boombox into the computer for sound. Had to use another computer, never figured out the volume problem with mine. After we got all that straightened out things went good, short night though LOL

People gathered to watch in the dark.

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