Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy day today

Today was a busy day. Yesterday when Meghan got home from school, early at 11:30 she came running back in the house saying Easy was lame. My worst fear was that she was tieing up after running drill and a 2 1/2 hour ride home in the trailer. I went out to access the situation. She definantly was 3 legged lame, poor baby, but she was not tieing up. She is sore in her left stifle. I have Meghan run down to the Vet and get a tube of bute. We gave her a one gram pill before she left, but I absolutely hate handling bute in the powder form. I prefer to get it in paste form, its much much easier to administer and you dont have to worry about breathing it or getting it on you, it can cause aniphalactic shock in humans, it is not good stuff for humans to get exposed to. It is a bit more expensive in paste form, but I think it is a good trade off for the safety factor. So later that evening we gave her 2grams more and today she is walking almost normal. She is 24 years old, she must have stepped wrong or done something during the drill. She was not lame when we got home, so sore muscles and arthritis probably. We are giving her a little bute before running the drill just to help with the inflammation, and she has been just fine until yesterday. I think she will be ok, she is going to rest this week though.

We took Emma up to brother #2s today to ride, they have a big arena and boarding facility, and Meghan worked Emma, she is such a spoiled brat, LOL, Emma, not Meghan (hmmm maybe I will rethink that one LOL) Emma just is not a competition horse we have yet to find her "go" button. So Meg rode her for and hour and a half and used barrels to turn her around and had to spank her a lot to get her to move, Emma tried a lot of tricks like leaning against the wall and kicking at the whip a lot, backing up (sigh) Meghan has to come to an empass with her, Emma has pretty good dominance issues, meaning she thinks she should be boss. Convincing her otherwise is sometimes an ordeal, but by the end of their session Meg was getting some more willing forward movement, when she asked for it. Emma hasnt been ridden since Dec. and she is one that needs to be ridden more. I dont have a problem with her when I ride, but then I am not asking her to go fast or the same things that Meg wants her to, although I have fought with her attitude also. Emma is a wonderful trail horse, and would probably be fine doing rail work, but thats not what Meghan wants to do. We took Emma out and Meghan is going to start riding her, just in case Easy doesnt get better.

So before we left with Emma this after noon I had to trim her feet and we cleaned her up, shaved her bridle path and legs a little, so she was at least presentable LOL

Then after Meghan rode we had a Drill Team meeting at the local ice cream shop. Papa's is the name of the shop. He lets the team meet there and use his big screen TV and watch the videos of the drill routine. He has the best icecream, I had huckleberry cheesecake, yum yum, and so did Meg, although she had a cone and I had a bowl.

Besides wonderful Umpqua brand icecream he does flavored cokes, and soup and hot dogs and I seen some bagel menus and coffee and hand made candy that he buys. When you get a waffle cone they make them right there and it smells wonderful!! I hope his little business makes it he is a funny character of a man and always gives Meghan a bad time when she goes in. This is the owner, Ivan, in the picture. He should be coming up on the first anniversary of the shop pretty soon.

Here is the area where we watched the videos. This is a really nice place, very tasteful. There are some artist paintings on the wall by a local artist that I went to school with.

After watching the videos the girls all went outside in the courtyard to run through the drill on foot, they changed it up a little. They did really improve on their score this last meet and were only 16 pts behind the winning team, there are only 2 teams in our district.
All of us parents and grandparents watched from indoors, as it was cold out there LOL

This is a brand new building in town finished in 2007, it is a really nice building, but sits mostly empty, for some reason our small town thought all this commercial space was a good idea, and now the owners cant rent all the space. They even put in underground parking. Maybe it will fill up eventually if the "economy" improves, arent you sick of hearing about that? Two different pizza restaurants have gone out of business a Belagios chain store and a hometown Pizza Palace that had been there for 25+ years, a sad end of an era. Gaming practice tomorrow night and Drill practice on Sat.
I will post more about the meet again and I do have the whole drill on video! Sorry this is a pretty long winded post for me LOL I forgot my camera earlier in the day.


  1. You made me want Ice Cream
    Hope the horse gets better quickly and be careful!

  2. I hate lameness.... Sometimes I wish they could just talk and say where it hurts...

    Sounds like Emma prefers to be a pasture ornament. IF sis had her way, she'd be one as well.

    Darn MAres.

  3. Well Easy is doing good! so good in fact Meghan wants to take her to practice for gaming tonight, but only! walk trot her. She is full of it, its just the old body thing I guess, I know how she feels! So she will ride her slow and see how it goes.

    Yes Jocelyn, Emma would prefer to be a pasture ornament LOL although she loves to go, she jumps right in the trailer. She realy was good when we got there didnt spook and wasnt silly about being somewhere she had never been before, LOL thats what makes her perfect for me! Meghan thought she would be full of it and a handfull, but she wasnt.

  4. I'm glad you're going easy on Emma tonight. It upsets me when people pump horses full of drugs so that THEY (the people) don't have to change THEIR plans. Grrrrr.

  5. Katharine, ya easy on Easy, yep she just walked and trotted her and she had no problems, gave her 1 gram of bute tonight. It looks like she will be just fine.

  6. OH and no we didnt give her any pain killers before we went.

  7. Oh no I didn't think YOU were doing that! Your post reminded me of people who are NOT that careful, that's all.

  8. Katherine, no I would never want to drug a horse to get it to perform, it just goes against my sense of ethics. We have been giving her a little bute before competition but nothing else. She is an old lady, lol and I take tylenol, it seems to help a bit, she is also on Trifecta, which has gluc, chond., msm, and hyluronic acid, I had Meg double her dose when she got so sore, and will do that for awhile and see if it helps too. She only has another 8 weeks and the season is over, and she can just be a trail horse. I hope she makes it through.

  9. Pam, I'm glad you feel that way. I definitely don't think a little bit of bute hurts. I'm glad you are careful -- Easy has a good mommy. :o)


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