Tuesday, March 3, 2009


AAAAAA! Meghan left a gate open and all three horses got out at about 8:30 last night, Emma precious girl that she is LOL came RUNNING into the barn when she heard the grain barrel LOL but the other two brats went down the driveway and onto the highway and into the neighbors yard! I have a heart attack every time, it does not happen very often, that they get on the road because we live on a state rt hwy and cars go by at 60mph! but thank god they went into the first driveway they came too and off of the road, then we went over there and they ran around back of the neighbors house and straight back into their own barn, little brats LOL they know where they are supposed to be, whew relief, I am glad they dont get out very often. Anyone else have good escape stories?


  1. OMG!!! That is scary living close to a highway and all. Where we live there are very few cars on our road. Gilly got the lead rope out of my hand one day and ran off down the road but he stopped at the neighbors house to see her horse. And he ran right down the middle of the road but it's a country road and no one was coming thank goodness!
    I have heard of horses getting hit on the road, so terrible. Lucky for you yours got off the road without mishap! :-)

  2. When Panama was still a yearling and living on my in-laws' pasture, he pulled loose one evening when I had him tied up, grooming him. We're not sure what spooked him, but he reared up and then took off at a thunderous gallop. He ran down the road, around the neighbor's house (these were 9-acre lots, so it was quite a distance), and then back towards home. He was so panicked and eager to get back into the pasture, where he felt safe, that he didn't see the neighbor's wire fence and ran right through it! Thankfully it gave first -- the wires snapped free of the fence posts, leaving him almost completely unharmed. While he was still trying to figure out how to get into his own pasture from the neighbor's pasture, we gave him some grain and caught him.

  3. Funny how a perfectly calm laid back horse becomes a speed demon when they have escaped!Good that you got them home safely

  4. Yep! I have a couple houdinis in my barn. One being a small shetland pony who knows when the electric fence isn't hot. Glad they were okay!


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