Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WAHSET meet day one, Team Sorting....

Here is the whole team of wonderful kids, 15 of them went to the meet last weekend. They all did great, and most of them improved on their personal records! Meghan is in the front second from the left, she has hair to rival trainwrecks LOL

Meghan and Carissa on Easy and Steel, waiting for their turn to do Sorting.

All of the team that did Sorting lined up together. Meghan is on the far left, second from the end.

Meghan is going after a calf, Carissa is guarding the gate. The announcer calls out a random # from 1-0 and they have to get the calves in order.

Meghan had pushed her calf through and they exchange places, Carissa is after the next calf.

They exchanged again.

Meg going into the herd to find that right # calf.

Calf with the right # going through the gate, the black blur on the left of her, they have to watch the others on the right though so they dont get a "dirty" cow. That is when a cow with the wrong # runs through.

And the final scores!!! Meg and Carissa got 6th place overall. They did good!
So that was the first day of the Meet.
Day two coming up tomorrow!

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  1. Looks fun! I love the group photo. I hope you are rested after the busy weekend and can't wait to hear more about it!


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