Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Teddy was such a goofball, when the kids were little he would climb on top of their backpacks so he could drive up to the bus stop with us, they would carry him out on top of their bags, at the time our driveway was 1/2 mile long, and he had to go. He would just about do anything Meghan asked him, she taught him a lot of tricks. He would sit, lie down, sit pretty, roll over, speak, crawl, pop goes the weasel out of a box, he was a lot of fun. I will always remeber his goofyness. I love this picture, wanted to share one last one with you all, Teddy out in the garage with Meghan making him act goofy
Thank you for all the sentiments.


  1. Oh, your little Teddy was so cute. I am sitting here crying as I write this because he reminds me of a little dog that we had. She died when she was 16, didn't do tricks like Teddy but she has a BIG personality, we miss her.
    I am sure your heart is aching missing him. He was one cute little guy!

  2. He looked great in a hoodie. Not every dog can carry off that look. :)

  3. *sniff-sniff* He reminds me so much my little black dog, Francie, that went everywhere and did everything with me as a young girl. I loved that dog so much.

    Teddy was such a special, unique pooch. And cute as all get out, too.



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