Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bad news

Well I got bad news on Monday. Emma had been lame and I didnt know what happened, she wasnt getting better. I had my Vet out on Monday. After lots of flex tests and manipulation and trotting off and a rectal palpation.
 He said, "I think she has a broken pelvis."
 Crap. She will be OK. Just another year off for her. Vet found a swelling on the left side when he palpated the pelvis. She didnt like that at all! Very sore!
 She has six weeks on bute, then six months of stall/small pen rest. Oh and I have to get 50 to 100lbs off of her! LOL Thats what she wont be happiest about!

This is when I rode her last year at the trail trials, which was a blast! Maybe next year.

So that leaves me with riding the old mare if I want to ride! LOL  
This old mare loves to go, and is still reasonably sound at her age of 29 years!!  (this pic is from two years ago)  So look out old mare, a little conditioning and we may still get a couple rides under us! 


  1. Oh I hope she heals up. Sunshine tore a tendon in her knee and got sweeney shoulder. 6 months of stall rest for her too. But when we put her out just a couple of others she seemed to heal so nicely. AND we were riding her after a year!
    Can't wait to see some adventures with old mare!!!

  2. Oh bummer! Poor Emma. Poor you :(
    How in the world did t happen? A fall?

    Hope she heals easily and you have fun with the old mare. lol!


  3. Yeah Lisa I expect a fall, dont know how else it would have happened. She can be quite the Kamakazi! When she wants to!
    Val, sorry to hear about Sunshine! (I obviously havnt been reading much) glad she is ok!

    Yeah the old mare has a few more adventures in her I think! LOL

  4. so sorry to read this! hope she resolves well for you. As tough as they are they seem so fragile in other ways

  5. Thanks Fernvalley, I am really bummed about this. So far she is doing ok, had one upset. Daughter and Hubby swapped some tires and wheels on the horse trailer, and of course moving it got her all excited. She was a little sorer the next day. She can be a bit of a kamakazie! little brat!!! LOL


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