Friday, June 17, 2011

Down memory lane....

Join me for a trip down horsey memory lane,

Sara and Easy at the fair.

Meghan and Mickey, boy is Meg little here!!!
I have always loved this picture of all my girls!
Sara and Easy at a local show, this is probably the best that Easy has ever looked in her life, she is a hard one to keep weight on.

Meg and Mick, western eq. at the same local show, boy was it hot and dusty that day.

Meghan and Mickey got their first blue ribbon in bareback eq.!!!
Sara and Easy, ready for Showmanship at the fair.

Meghan practicing Parelli, with the "big green ball". Easy took to Parelli like a duck to water!!!

A resting moment....

Me and Emma, at a Pat Wiese Clinic that we attended in 2004. She was four years old here!
Emma, the most buff she has ever been, she sure is white now!!! LOL

One of the few pics of us in class.
Oh the memories, a lot of years, 13 years of 4-H with both my girls, 11 of those as a 4-H leader! I hope to create some new memories this Summer with myself riding more!!!! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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