Friday, June 10, 2011

My newest project....

I have been asked by me sister in law to help make jungle animals for a float in one of our hometown parades this year.

This will be a Giraffe and Palm trees. The trunks of the Palm trees are real Palm tree trunks!! LOL My sister in law found them at a garage sale and asked if they wanted to get rid of them LOL the lady couldnt believe she wanted dead Palm trees! Palm trees do not live very well in the Northwest, its just to wet, and they rot and get eaten by bugs.
Any way! I will show you all the progress as I  go on with this project. I have a month to complete the Giraffe. I now have to cover it with chicken wire and paper mache. The theme for the parade, I think, is a jungle theme. I will also try to make some monkeys to hang in the tree. We made coconuts that will go in the center of the palm trees when they are dry and painted!
Stay tuned!!

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